• Gunners #3 Each step to Victory
    Sorrows of War

    The mission in capturing the secret weapon that the Hurisha company made was a success however a beings known as Gunners stole one of the special units forces companion Bioweapon soldier, Bio #01. Though Commander Valentina who managed to rescue her from an unknown dimension. it is not clear that if they want Bio #01, or do they want the Earth.
    Valentina sits on her chair as she watches the video from Bio #01's head visor set. She watches the tall buildings, the powers, the gunners, the weapons they have. And Seth
    Rachael: still studying?
    Valentina: yeah I am, Deroy is still studying on that weapon that we’ve stolen off from the Hurisha’s, we found out that this energy came from this dimension
    Rachael: Bio #01 must of put a good fight with these guys, but when I watched the video again and again she always says “next objective” or “another course of action” or something
    Valentina: hmph, that goes with us humans, when the Bioweapons don’t have a commander nor anyone to order them or separated from the group, her main objective would be to relocate her group, proceed the orders that she has been given. But if all of her team mates are dead her main objective would be to escape. No matter what the obstacle is. She must escape. The technology that the B.W.F built was to design to give orders to the bio weapons
    Rachael: so wait, they listen to a computer?
    Valentina: you could say that
    Leon: hey I got the car and plane fixed
    Valentina: good
    Leon: so is that their home?
    Rachael: seems like it
    Valentina: we wait for further orders, for now just rest
    Special Units Forces report to the briefing room!
    Valentina: rest times over
    Leon: oh come on!
    Rachael: well come on Leon, let’s go
    As they walked inside of the briefing room they sat down on the chairs as Onimaru walks in
    Onimaru: good, everybody is here, mission success on capturing the secret weapon
    Valentina: next time, if we’re going to do a capture mission, just tell us what the damn thing is
    Onimaru: I apologize for that, but it was top secret, and if the world even knew about this, there could be a chance of war.
    Valentina: war huh?
    We lost too many.
    Onimaru: now from the video that Bio #01 recorded, the dimension that the Gunners are in seem to want Bio #01 for some reason
    Rachael: yeah, but we’re still figuring that out, why?
    Onimaru: to be someone’s bride maybe
    Valentina: wha- what?! Someone’s bride?!
    Rachael: you okay Commander? It’s like your jealous or something?
    Valentina: ah, no…. it’s just… I don’t want those ******** to date one of my comrades, besides, capturing one of my own soldiers just to be there bride? What the ******** are they? War lovers? ******** bullshit, sir if you give us an order we can go in there dimension and destroy their beloved leader
    Onimaru: stand down Valentina, we are working in that situation right now, but for now we are still in war with Hurisha
    Valentina: tch, Hurisha
    Rachael: sir, can’t we just raid there Head Quarters? There’s bound to be a leader right? I mean can’t we assassinate one of their own generals, commanders maybe? Radio signal, that will give us some time to plan out our next strategy, cut off their supplies
    Valentina: yes I was thinking the same thing, that way we could win the war faster, well Onimaru?
    Onimaru: good plan well done Rachael, your next mission for today is to take out there weaponry research factory
    Valentina: certainly we will be able to grab a weapon correct?
    Onimaru: yes, download some data if you want to, this mission is all up to you, as long as that facility is destroyed, also some of my top weaponry scientists has been missing and we believe that they are being held captive in there, make sure you rescue them
    Valentina: understood!
    Rachael: yes sir!
    Leon: sir!
    Onimaru: dismissed
    As they got onto the hanger bay Leon flew off in the sky in his F-15 as the rest of squad was on a military boat and moved to the nearest safest shore while the B.W.F Bio Weapon soldiers are still in their Cryo-tubes.
    Valentina: this is Commander. Valentina we are on shore, proceeding on with the mission
    Leon: roger that
    Valentina: move out, keep an eye out
    Meanwhile inside the Hurisha base, the director and head of Hurisha came in
    Guard: M-Madam Hurisha such as a surprise miss!
    Hurisha: don’t get all scared and surprised soldier….
    She puts her soft hands down to his chin as she grabbed out a 100 dollar note and put in his pocket shirt
    Hurisha: work hard boys
    Guard: y-yes madam!
    As she walks inside of the building her assistant shows up
    Assistant: they are waiting madam
    Hurisha: excellent
    She gets in the elevator and heads up on the tallest floor where she meets up with the other business men who are in charge with other facilities
    Miss. Hurisha good to see you in our meeting, please have a seat
    Hurisha: report
    There have been reports on the North East Island on our secret facilities.
    Hurisha: the energy weapon correct?
    Yes, one of B.W.F’s soldiers managed to capture it
    Hurisha: oh? Is that so? And why weren’t my Hurisha Bio weapon soldiers deployed on the field?
    I’m sorry but they weren’t ready for the-
    Hurisha: weren’t ready?
    Well I uh… ah…
    Hurisha: my soldiers are always ready, if they are not ready on the field then what are they?
    Forget it, proceed with the report
    Y-yes ma’am
    Our camera’s managed to capture footage of the attack, three B.W.F Bio weapons and four unknown soldiers that were recruited by Onimaru
    Huirhsa: Onimaru recruited new soldiers?
    Yes, we believe they are from other military; their squad name is Bio7 Squad, and they have seven members
    Hurisha: I need names
    Commander Officer Valentina, leader of the squad her previous squad was known as The Burning Wolf, but since the incident happened with her squad she was locked up for five or six years. But she was released by the B.W.F
    Rachael Clark, from the U.S Marine Corp, and Leon Davidson from the United Kingdom Air Force were also recruited
    The three B.I.O’s were were in the squad who are known as
    Bio #01, the Bio weapon that killed Park Tronski
    Hurisha: *Park Tronski? So she was the one who killed him, and people thought he was unstoppable to defeat*
    Bio #015 and Bio #010
    Then before our secret weapon was caught they met up with Deroy Bricks an engineer
    Hurisha: this Bio #01…
    I want her, and I mean “alive”
    Hurt them if you have to
    What? But Hurisha miss, why?
    Hurisha: think about it, they have more training than ordinary soldiers, Bio #01 the one who killed Park Tronski that was no coincidence, and with that armor of hers she’s not even one of the elite bio corp., she is just one Bioweapon, and by the video that we’re watching they must’ve encountered the “Gunners”
    Oh yes I forgot to report about them miss, Bio #01 seems to be the only that is capable of-
    Hurisha: round up everyone of our my troops, it’s time to get them
    I want Bio #01
    In the jungle Valentina and Rachael killed off the remaining guards
    Rachael: yeah eat that sucker…. Sh… sh…. Now die quietly….
    Valentina: there’s a few more guards up ahead, let’s finish them off and make a clear area so that the Bio’s can be deployed
    Rachael: roger that, but can’t we make a bit more things quicker Commander?
    Valentina: I suppose your right, Leon it’s time
    Leon: got it
    She flies in and drops bombs on the guards
    Valentina: alright, time to do this
    Valentina reporting time to send them in on my coordinates
    Roger that, sending them in now
    A plane flew by and dropped three tubes
    The doors were blown off as the three bio soldiers jumped up and grabbed out their weapons
    Bio #01: Bio #01 reporting for duty
    Bio #015: Bio #015 reporting
    Bio #010: Bio #010 ready for the objective sir
    Valentina: I need you three to secure the area
    Roger that proceeding with orders
    Valentina: we need a new ride Rachael
    Rachael: hmph, well if we used a jeep we can’t drive through this jungle unless….
    Deroy: there! A tank!
    Valentina: new model?
    Deroy: seems like it, this tank has been installed with cutters, twice as big like the tanks from the Marine Corp, guessing it’s designed like a LAV 25
    Valentina: can it drive?
    Deroy: I guess so
    Valentina: good, Bio #01 how’s the area?
    Bio #01: area is secured
    Valentina: good, let’s go on the next area meet us at the rendezvous point
    Understood, Bio #01 out
    Valentina: everybody get in, it’s time to unleash hell
    Deroy: let’s see, all controls check, weapons check, fuel check, we’re good to go!
    Rachael: come on Deroy I wanna ride this bad boy out!
    Deroy: whatever you say
    Valentina: Leon an visual?
    Leon: yeah I see the base, looks like it’s a corporation tower
    Valentina: corporation tower?
    Leon: yeah but’s its heavily guarded
    Valentina: can you make a path way for us?
    Leon: of course I can
    He aims at the main entrance
    Leon: firing fox-2
    Leon: time to take out the barracks
    Leon: alright, you’re good to go
    Valentina: time to move fast team, let’s go save them
    They drove through the jungle as quickly as they can, driving through the roads, people began running out of their own bunkers and barracks in flames
    Sergeant: report soldier!
    Soldier: S-Sir! An F-15 just bombed us!
    Sergeant: how many?!
    Soldier: J-Just one sir!
    Sergeant: one?! Don’t give me that bullshit soldier!
    Soldier: sir we have to evacuate!
    Sergeant: Evacuate my a**! Get whatever troops we have and get them in combat formation!
    Soldier: but sir nearly every single of o-
    The Sergeant shot him with his revolver
    Sergeant: stupid piece of s**t! Not even worth fighting for
    Huh? What’s that?
    Valentina: drive him through Rachael
    Rachael: got it boss
    Sergeant: oh h-
    The vehicle ran him over to bits as the Bio soldiers showed up
    Bio #01: awaiting orders commander!
    Valentina: you three go in and find the scientists and get them out of there, we’re gonna go and steal some data
    Bio #01: roger, processing orders…. Orders confirmed, roger that
    Valentina: Deroy you’re with me, Leon you keep the ground clear got it?
    Leon: hey no problem I have enough fuel anyway
    Valentina kicks down the door and opens fire on the guards
    Valentina: Rachael open the elevator door we could find-
    The elevator doors opened as Hurisha showed up
    Valentina: what?! Who are you?!
    Hurisha: as you can see, my name is Hurisha, the head of the company itself
    Valentina: Hurisha?
    Rachael: so you’re the b***h that’s behind all this huh?
    Valentina: don’t move
    Rachael: heh looks like we get a bonus, rescue the scientists, get some data and we get to have Hurisha has hostage, damn Valentina do you know I love this job?
    Valentina: you talk too much, now come quietly Hurisha
    Hmph and if I do not?
    Valentina: then someone’s going to lose a leg
    Hurisha: hmph, bet on it
    Valentina fires but Hurisha turns and grabs out two Peruvian MGP-15 from her two thighs which were strapped onto her. She fires them at Valentina and jumps to take cover
    Rachael: s**t this one can fight
    Valentina takes out a grenade
    Valentina: keep firing!
    Rachael: Deroy! Get that thing in here and fire it at that b***h!
    Hurisha: my you have a nerve saying….
    She was right in front of Rachael as she grabbed her face and slammed her on the ground
    Rachael: GAH!
    Valentina: Rachael!
    Hurisha appeared behind Valentina. Valentina turns around and tries to her with her assault rifle but then Hurisha behind her again
    Valentina: ah! What?!
    Hurisha grabbed her gun and broke it in half
    Hurisha: you’re not really worth of a challenge are you?
    Valentina grabs out her pistol
    Valentina: Deroy! Now!
    Deroy: but if I fire it it will hit you both!
    Valentina: just do it!!!
    Deroy: r-roger!
    Rachael: ow…. My head… huh?
    Oh s**t!
    Rachael rolls over for cover as Valentina runs away from Hurisha guiding her to the tank
    Hurisha: REFLECTOR!
    Valentina: what?!
    Valentina: she’s a…. Gunner?
    Hurisha: I am not really a Gunner you think I am, we absorb there powers and them our own, now you will all die except for one…
    That girl….
    Valentina: girl?
    Hurisha: Bio #01, I want her
    Valentina: w-why?!
    Hurisha: maybe because she’s the only bio weapon that can defeat a Gunner, she can predict each opponents move with her own mind without using a machine
    Valentina: she’s my comrade, you won’t have her!
    Hurisha: my my Valentina…. And at what cost hm? If she is your comrade then why did you led your men to their death in the frontlines?
    Valentina: ah….
    Rachael: you b***h shut up!
    Valentine: huh?
    Bio #01: objective completed, scientists are secured
    Valentina: get the scientists out of here Bio #01!
    Bio #01: understood
    Hurisha: not so fast!
    Hurisha begins to closes the door with her powers but however though Bio #01 kicks the scientists outside so that they can escape
    Hurisha: my you managed to set the scientists free
    Bio #01: objective has changed, target acquired….
    Target: Madam Hurisha, threat level high, initiating combat mode
    Bio #015: initiate in 5
    Bio #010: 4
    Bio #01/Bio#015/Bio#010: 1.
    They all ran up to Hurisha and fired their guns at her
    Hurisha: hmph
    Bullet Crusader
    Bio #01 ducked down as the blue piercing bullet pierce her left shoulder armor just by a scratch
    She fired her SMG as the other two BIO’s jumped up and fired their guns from above
    Hurisha: excellent!
    Bullet Rain!
    Valentine: bullets from above?!
    Everyone began to rain and take cover as Bio #01 throws a smoke grenade
    Hurisha: where are you….?
    Bio #01 fires
    Hurisha: there!
    Bio #01 fires from right, to left, the thereto here, she keeps running and running from different directions
    Hurisha: …..
    Valentina: gotcha!
    Valentina comes out of nowhere and lands a punch
    Hurisha: oh…. It’s been a while since I got hit…
    Valentina: AAAH!
    Bio #01 catches her
    Valentina: ah… “Huff” “huff”
    Rachael: sir! You’re bleeding!
    Valentina: doesn’t matter, we fulfilled the objective anyway, the scientists are already out, radio Deroy to get us out of here
    Rachael: got it, Deroy this is Rachael can you shoot us out of here?!
    Deroy: no I can’t the whole building sealed itself shut!
    Rachael: can you hack it?
    Deroy: if I can that is
    Rachael: then do it!
    Valentina: damn, elevators are blocked, damn, and we’re being beaten by one woman….
    Some commander I am
    Bio #015 grabs out her med kit
    Bio #015: Commander I advise you not to talk, your wound is bleeding rapidly fast, I must stop the bleeding at all cost
    Valentina: ah…. Don’t worry about me just-
    Rachael: Commander! Let her do her job! It’s the medics job to keep everyone alive, so just shut up and let her do what she needs to do
    Valentina: r-right… sorry…..
    Bio #01: Commander Bio #010 and I will hold off Madam Hurisha as long as we can but we cannot precede that if we cannot have your permission sir
    Valentina: “huff” permission granted…. Go get her
    Bio #01: Bio #010 are you ready?
    Bio #010: ready
    Bio #01: initiate full blast to right arm
    She slams on the ground as the made a huge shockwave, Hurisha was still standing as she fired another Crusader
    Bio #010 and Bio #01 jumps in and shields Valentina
    Bio #01: shields operational, armor sustained little damage
    Bio #010: increasing speed…..
    She enchants her speed and began to run around Hurisha and fired her guns at her
    Hurisha: a speed Bio weapon? Interesting….
    Very interesting what the B.W.F has created haha
    She fired at Bio #010, but the soldier began to run on the walls and grabbed out her bazooka
    Bio #010: fire
    Hurisha: Crusader Barrier!
    It exploded as she shield herself
    Hurisha: now how about we-
    Bio #01 comes out of nowhere in the smoke and punches her face with her left hand
    Hurisha: AH!
    Bio #01 then does a tornado kick as Bio #010 comes in with a tackle
    Bio #01 points her gun at Hurisha
    Bio #01: …..
    Hurisha: heh, very impressive indeed!
    Rachael: Portal?!
    She portal herself out as she was free from Bio #010’s hands
    She appeared behind her and grabbed out a blade and stabs it in her
    Rachael: no!
    Bio #010 pulls the blade out from her stomach but then suddenly Hurisha pulls out her gun once more and shoots her in the head
    Rachael: NOOO!
    Bio #01 jumps as she takes hits from her shots as she maximized her right arm with full strength with the bio cells and directly hits Hurisha like a cannon making her fly and smashing into walls
    Bio #01 kneels down to Bio #010 but luckily Bio #010 wasn’t dead because her visor had armor as she took it off
    Bio #010: I’m still functional
    Her stomach began to heal itself because all bio weapons have the ability to regenerate their own tissue and organs
    Valentina: good that you guys beaten her
    Bio #01: commander?
    Valentina: don’t worry I’m fine, nothing like this can kill me
    The seals begin to open
    Deroy: hey guys!!!!
    Valentina: good work Deroy
    Deroy: hey no problem, I was really worried about you guys
    Valentina: never “huff” worry in the battle…. Field….
    She collapses
    Rachael: blood loss, oh well she’ll get more blood, haha it’s funny how she says nothing like this can kill me
    Bio #01: ….
    Hurisha: you think I’ll let you all get away…?
    Deroy: what the?!
    Rachael: oh s**t she’s still alive!
    Everybody ducks down as it hits the tank
    Deroy: aw man not the tank!
    Hurisha: you will all-
    Bio #01 puts her to sleep just by hitting her on the neck
    Bio #01: mission complete, should we…. Go back to head quarters?
    Rachael: haha, man Bio #01 you always surprise me
    Leon: hey you guys alright down there?
    Rachael: yeah everything’s fine, hey can you radio HQ for us man? Our rides totaled
    Leon: sure thing
    Bio #01 grabs Valentina and puts her on her back
    Rachael: hm?
    Leon: alright! I contacted them; you should meet them at the rendezvous point!
    Rachael: got it
    Rachael: haha look at you guys you look like a couple
    Bio #01: Couple? Bio #01 does not understand couple, should I look it up in my data base?
    Rachael: ah…. We’ll talk about that later
    Suddenly Bio #010 and Bio #015 were carrying the scientists like Bio #01
    Rachael: what seriously?!!
    Bio #010: Bio #01 is it like this?
    Bio #01: hm, yes
    Scientists: ah… is it really necessary?
    Bio #015: all bio weapons must accompany and obey humans with care
    Is this not okay?
    Scientists: oh ah….
    Rachael: don’t worry Doc; let them do their job, besides what’s wrong with them trying to do what humans do?
    Scientists: yes you’re right
    Rachael: well let’s get going guys! It’s time to get our rest
    To be continued
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