• Part 1: mortal worlds
    [Earth, (year unknown) , Told by: Ace Carter]
    "They say you believe in demon possessions ... Well do ya' penguin boy!?" the bullies kept on laughing, there was no point to them picking on me... I think they choose me because i'm an easy target, yeah I am considered "emotional" but is just 1 year of bullies enough? I guess not, I was thinking suicide, so why not by some demon device? they want to know if demons exist so lets see.. if they exist ill be dead or possessed! so i bought a weegee board. i grabbed the.. indicator thing and it moved by itself. i was scared s***-less

    Part 2: Immortal wounds
    [Hell, (year unknown) Told by: Ki'nol]
    "Demon possession hating mortals..they shall di-" ENOUGH KI" satan roared.. "YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD REMAIN HERE, NEVER TO LEAVE UNLESS SUMMONED! I HAVE AN IDEA! THERE IS A YOUNG MORTAL SACRIFICING HIS SOUL TO ME! TAKE HIS BODY AND DESTROY HIS MIND! ONCE YOUR IN ITS YOURS. HAVE FUN YOUNG DEMON" . satan went from angry to exited. I took the portal into this mortals fragile body, "where are the claws on this thing..." "WHO WAS THAT!?!" the mortal yelled,"Ki'nol. i am your possessor. i own your body soul and mind now.. surrender and i shall not kill you." I had his body and started to walk. then jog, then run.. i had eventually found some armor stores. stole the armor.. and some tech, along with money , guns and explosives.. i was going to invent new demon technology and the world did not know it... i made the P.R.E.D = PREDATOR RED ENERGY DIRECTOR . the T.H.A.T.L. = THERMAL HEAT ATTACK TARGET LOCATOR , and the B.A.B. = BATTLE ATTACK BELT. it took my 3 earth weeks. the mortals "birthday" had passed and i then realized that this was no human. it was a young male. of neko decent. interesting i must say with all the memories he has thats interesting. he went to a school filled with many different races. trolls, neko , furries, humans , etc . so here i am now... Ki'nol in ace carters body. I will continue to the day I fall in life...