• Grimlets Chapter 1 - Greetings
    April 13th 2013. The sun is just rising over the horizon of Celestial city as a sleepy Shade, with coffee in hand shuffles to the front door cringing as the few first rays of light Shawn in his eyes. Sighing as he bent down to pick up the newspaper then reaching into the mailbox from which he found a little sealed envelope addressed to “Shade and Glade Potter” written in beautiful red handwriting, tucking the newspaper under his arm Shade called to Glade “Hey, we got a letter” to which glade replied “really from who?” as he walked by heading towards the kitchen.
    Shade opens the letter and proceeded to read aloud;
    “Dear Shade and Glade Potter:
    On behalf of the State Attorney of Hamburg Germany we regrettably inform you that you Aunt; Mrs. Shuppa N. Grim passed away in her sleep on April 9th 2013.”
    Glade shouted from the kitchen “wait, we have an aunt? How come I’ve never heard of her?” Shade hollered back “I don’t know, I did hear something about distant relatives when I was younger but that was about it…” Glade now pouring himself a cup of coffee “weird, does the letter say anything else?” “Yes.” Shade replied continuing on with the letter.
    “With the passing of Mrs. Grim, as there are no close remaining relatives residing in Germany, has willed all her remaining assets in a trust to be held Shade and Glade Potter to aid and assist in the continuing care of their younger relatives…”
    Glade interrupts as he leaves the kitchen heading towards the front door “Whoa, whoa, wait! What?” “I guess we have relatives that are going to be moving here” Shade continued skimming through the letter as Glade approached Shade lifting his cup to his lips he asked “So…. How old is this relative that’s moving here?” taking a sip of coffee, Glade answered “Relatives, and there are four.” Glade started hacking as Shade preceded “Ya, Three boys and one girl. Says that they’re quadruplets, eight years old too.” Shade closes up the letter. “Says they will be here on the 13th so at least we have a couple days to get ready.” Shade walked up to the calendar pinned up on the wall going through the days as a big black vehicle pulled up to the front of the house you could hear arguing coming from inside. “OH GAWD, It’s the 13th isn’t it?” Glade panicked in the doorway.
    As the pair of brothers conversed inside trying to stay calm they watched intently at the vehicle still filled with muffled bickering. The brothers held their breath as the back door creaked open a smidge and then thrusted open as a boy in a black hoodie with a star emblem fell face first on the ground bellow from being kicked out by his following sister with teal blue hair with pink accents yelling “GET OUTA MY WAY CREEP OR I’LL TROMPLE YOUR SORRY BUTT!!!” as she stepped on her brother like a stepping stool exiting the car. As her brother got up and moved out of the way a boy in monotone grey shorts and long baggy shirt stepped out looking mildly emotionless and quiet except for the few words “will you two shut up?” as his siblings continued the quarrel on the lawn. The last sibling exited the vehicle, dressed in a purple poncho-like top and matching rubber boots and looked around as the four of them proceeded to the front door where the now worried
    Shade and Glade stood panicking under their breath.
    The black vehicle now gone and the four siblings and cargo at their feet an awkward silence was broken by Shade who introduced his brother and himself, his brother now partially hiding himself behind him. The kids looked at each other and with arms crossed the only girl sneered and said “We know who YOU are Doof, Do you know who WE are?” she asked raising an eyebrow. Glade from behind his brother whispered into Shades ear “EVIL, that’s what they are… can’t we just—you know mail them back?” Shade ignored Glades whining and addressed the increasingly annoyed girls’ question. “N-no. I guess I don’t why don’t you guys tell us your names?” the girl smirked “I, am..” being cut off by the buy in the star hoodie shoving her and introducing himself “I’m BANE!!!” his sister who regained her balance shoved Bane into the bush and continued where she had left off “I… am Calamity… but most people just call me Calam, little fair warning Doof… I’M the boss…” the boy in the grey piped up “Sure you are” being sarcastic “I’m Hein, I’m technically the oldest and this is Nefari, Nefa for short” pointing at the boy in purple who seemed to be jotting notes on a clipboard.
    Shade rubbing his neck “Eh heh, well it’s very nice to meet you…” Shade paused trying to think of what to say next, it wasn’t needed as the four of them barged past the two brothers throwing their luggage down in the living room to wonder about their new home Shade sighed “I guess I’ll go set up the spare room for the girl and the attic will have to do for the boys… you make sure they don’t get into anything.” “YOU CAN”T BE SERIOUS?” Shade ignored the question and continued to the attic.
    Glade; now alone standing in the hall tried to make sense of the situation he found himself in when he noticed a slight movement coming from Nefaris luggage bag, leaning down to see what was inside he was interrupted by a crash coming from the hall. One of the kids had knocked a photo off the wall he shouted “hey, you guys be a little more carful okay?” he heard no reply, he had heard nothing in fact it was completely silent…. Glade started wondering room to room in search of … of... Glade started to ponder a name the group hellions that had invaded their home “gruesome- foursome? No. the Horror-ibles? No. Grimlets? Yeah that about sums those four up… little Grimlets” still going room to room with no sign of the newly acclaimed Grimlets he got to the end of the hall and scratched his head “where did they go” he decided to go check the attic where his brother was clearing room for the boys figuring they had gone to watch Shade. However Glade had forgotten to check his bedroom where Nico was still fast asleep and unaware that the Grimlets had entered the room and now loomed over him grinning and passing looks to one another.
    Returning from the attic Glade was puzzled as to where the kids had disappeared to, that was until he heard a scream coming from his bedroom. Glade ran towards the scream and stumbled for a second noticing that the luggage bag by the door that had moved was now open, he ignored it and continued to his room where he found Nico pressed to a corner in fear from being awoken with a face to face greeting from the Grimlets and their pet Sandile. The Grimlets now standing in a row with smirks on their faces as Glade walked in “What are you guys doing in my room? You okay Nico?” raising an eyebrow at Nico who was still clinging to the wall. Hein piped up “wait, did you say your room?” Glade confused by the question “Yeeeah? Why?” “But there’s only one bed.” said Calam “and he’s sleeping in it?” Glade knowing where this was going… “Your point?” the children looked at each other whispering between snickers and giggles then they stopped suddenly with a mocking gaze at Glade and Nico who had finally come unhinged from the wall and in unison shouted “GAY!!!” Glade now with his face in his palm decided to ignore the comment, sighed and continued to ask “anyways… What is that thing you’re carrying?” pointing to the Sandile Bane was holding in his arms “This? This is Thrash short for Thrasher, he’s our pet”. Glade tried to keep his cool and put a hand out to pet Thrash who in turn nearly took off his hand missing by a few second but managed to snare a piece of his sleeve Bane scoffed “Do you wanna know how he got his name?” Nico answered for Glade who was still counting his fingers to make sure they were all still there “Nooo… I think he knows.”

    The Grimlets were confined to couch after a few more accidents such as broken vases, dishes and so on as Glade and Nico fortified the far corner of the living room in order to help them feel safe as they watched the Grimlets in fear. A few hours later around six in the afternoon Shade had finished readying the rooms and returned downstairs where he found Glade and Nico huddled, covered head to toe in makeshift armor and the kids passed out on the couch. “Wow, you guys must have had a lot of fun? They’re out for the night.” Shade turned again to Nico and his brother who had taken off their armor and shoved it into Shades arms which confused him. As Glade and Nico headed towards their room Shade heard his brother say “NEXT TIME; I CLEAN! YOU BABYSIT!” to which Nico added “and don’t look under the box.” Shade merely shrugged and proceeded to put the stuff away and carried the kids to their rooms and as he finished and was about to turn off the living room light he noticed the box to which his curious nature forced him to investigate. Shade lifted the box ***SNAP*** Shade yelled as he ran round the room trying to shake off the Sandile attached to his leg. Meanwhile already nestled in bed Glade chuckled slightly saying “I warned him not to touch the box” and shut off the light.