• Chap. 1, The start of a play!

    The wind was mildly pleasant that day as a red head looked out the window and gazed at the sky. It was cold but not so much since it was the start of fall. Both of the boy's hands were cupped at both sides of his face. The rest of his classmates were all chatting around. He sighed, seeing how boring his life was and if he asked, even mentally, he gets something he doesn't like.

    Strange though, how that plays out for him because he felt at peace whenever he was bored! Well, at least for that moment he did as the wind picked up again and gently moved the red head's hair, making his red eyes close so that the feeling would sink in.

    It's so peaceful! And the weather feels just right today, too. I wish it felt like this all the time...the red head thought but as soon as he thought of it, someone had snapped him out of his daydream.

    "Hey, everyone!" Saehara said as he walked out of the hall way and towards the front of the class with a pamphlet in his right hand. Daisuke looked at Saehara, wondering what he has to say now. Saehara looked pleased with his mischievous look.

    Something's up with him... Thought Daisuke as he payed his full attention to him.

    "I got news! I heard that our school will do a play with the high schoolers." Saehara said. Everyone soon started to talk about it. They were all excited to hear that their school was going to perform in a play with the high schoolers, especially the girls.

    "What is the play about?"

    "Yeah, what's it's title?"

    A few people were asking. He put his hand on his chin, putting up a coy face.

    "Well, it's sleeping beauty and..." Saehara did his dramatic suspense as he pointed at Daisuke. Daisuke blinked as Saehara was about to land a bomb on him.

    "the high schoolers want you to play the princess part!"

    "WHA!" Daisuke's eyes widened as a huge blush came up on his face. "Why me?!"

    "Because they heard in the article of our school's news paper that you were sick the last time you were supposed to do a main character in a play and they said..." Saehara was at a corner of the classroom, little spirit balls were around him and the sadness was very evident.

    "I sucked at replacing you..." Saehara finnished. Saehara recovered quickly as he went by Daisuke's side, putting his arm around him.

    "Daisuke, think about it, we're going to be performing with high schoolers..." Saehara said as she went closer to Daisuke's ear and whispered, "besides, if your the princess then your prince should be a very quite girl. Maybe they would want the younger Harada."

    The last part made Daisuke's checks go in flames! A girl with low pigtails and blonde like hair came in back of the two, "Why do they want to perform with us?"

    Saehara and Daisuke turned to the girl, "Well, I also heard that the two principals were getting along so well that they wanted to see how good we would get along with the older people." Everyone was talkin more, louder than before once he finished. Costumes, characters, parts, especially the people who will be playing in the sweetest scenes!

    The teacher came in the class, much to everyone else dismay except Daisuke who as relieved, and started to teach the class.

    After School

    Daisuke was about to leave when Saehara stopped him, pulling at the back of his collar.

    "Daisuke, where do you think your going?" Saehara said as he rapped his arm around the other's neck and was taken under his arm. He already had a broom

    "I need you to do me a favor" he said, Daisuke was struggling. "A...favor?"

    "Can you take care of my clean up duty? I need to see what other news the two principals have."

    "What happened to the others?" Daisuke asked, looking up at Saehara for a minute.

    "The rest are at a meeting with the drama club from the high school, since those people are from our school's drama club. So, will you do it?"

    "Fine, but first let me go!" Daisuke said as Saehara let go of Daisuke, gave him the broom, and got his camera from one of the desks.

    "Thanks!" Saehara said as waved at him while he ran out the door. Daisuke sighed, looking at the door for a minute and then the room. He frowned, knowing that he won't be back home just yet.

    He started cleaning up, cleaning the floor with small sweeps. He started to think of what had happened that day...

    I can't believe this...why in the world would they pick me for a main character?! Especially a girl's character?! Daisuke thought as he went through the first row right by the window.

    Ok, I was sick that day but now...I'm not sure if I should accept this... As he thought this, he was already finishing up with the sweeping. He put the broom leaning against the wall as he got the mop out of a bucket. No surprise tht on the board it said do sweeping and mopping.

    He began mopping at where he started sweeping. Hm, if I refuse, of course they would get someone else, maybe even one from the high school that is much greater...but, who knows what they really could do about it...Daisuke thought as he was at half of the class room.

    Alright! A little more and i'll be home right by the time mom puts dinner on the table!, Daisuke thought, a smile on his face. As he mopped a little more faster he was soon done with the door. He was about to put the mop away when he turned his left foot too fast and was about to fall! He yelled as he felt gravity pulling him towards the floor.

    Suddenly, he heard a snicker as he cautiously opened his eyes. He found two pairs of playfully amethyst eyes looking at him overhead. He was smirking at Daisuke and soon enough Dai felt like his cheeks were burning up!

    "Watch your step next time or else I won't be there to catch you." Dark said as he placed Daisuke back on his two feet. Daisuke mumbled a 'sure' and decided not to look directly at the other's face. He soon noticed the guy's stature, he was too tall and a little too old for middle school. Plus, his uniform was different, Daisuke's collar had it's ruby symbol stripe on it but the other's was a two different colors, black and yellow .

    "Why are you here? Are you from the high school?" Daisuke asked, looking passed the other than directly.

    "Yeah, I was supposed to go to a meeting about this play...I kinda lost the directions" the violet haired man said as he rubbed his neck, still somewhat smiling.

    "Well, wait just a second while I put this away. I'll tell you where it is." said Daisuke went to put away the broom and the mop. So he's apart of the play but what does he do? Daisuke thought and as he did, he heard the other guy chuckle. He turned around and saw that the guy was looking at him, still by the entrance.

    "What's your name?" the violet haired asked. Daisuke was frozen for a minute until the broom hit his head. He ignored the other's question as he put the broom back right in the closet. Daisuke never noticed that the guy had moved closer towards him. As soon as Daisuke turned he was startled. Daisuke looked up and quickly had a faint blush on his face.

    "Done?" the guy asked, both his hands on his hip.

    Daisuke was close to the closet, both of his hands touching the door of it. "Ye-yeah"

    They soon heard footsteps in the hallway as a girl's voice called out. "Mousy-san? Where are you?" Daisuke looked back at the violet haired guy and so did he.

    "I guess i'll know where the meeting is..." as he said that Daisuke blinked and looked at his figure as he headed for the door. The girl that had called out was at the door, trying to catch her breath. She had brown short hair and brown eyes with classes. Her etiere was the same as his school's uniform with two yellow stripes on the skirt's uniform.

    Once the girl was alright, she looked up, her face showing anger and annoyance.

    "We were looking all over for you! Didn't you have the directions I gave you?" said the girl as her fists throbbed close to her skirt.

    "Relax Hitomi, I was going there but-"

    " 'But' nothing, you lost it didn't you?" she didn't even gave him a chance as he was stomped on the foot and taken by the ear. He whined, saying how much his foot and ear hurt.

    "Seriously, why did I even agreed to this?!" Hitomi said as she pulled at the other's ear even harder, making him whine. As they were at the end of the hallway, Daisuke sighed. Well, that was unexpected...Daisuke looked at the time and almost freaked.

    Mom is so going to kill me! As Daisuke thought of this he was already running out and at the opposite direction of where the other two went.

    At home

    Daisuke made it a little late but that didn't stop his mother's lectures. His father soon tried to calm her down, both of the males smiling nervously. After that, she gave him dinner and as they were at the table, they all started to talk.

    "How was school?" his grandfather asked, taking a spoonful of what Emiko made, chicken soup. Daisuke looked up at him from his eating, "It was fine. Nothing much happen..." and he went back to his soup, taking in the noddles.

    "Nothing much, huh?" grandpa said, a smile was slowly developing. Daisuke looked up at him again, uncertain of what he was trying to say. His grandpa chuckled, "We received a phone call from the representative, saying that they forgot to tell you of a meeting with both drama clubs of your school and high school. So, your in a Play with the other school?"

    As his grandpa said that, Daisuke stayed silent. He soon looked at the table as he nodded.

    "There's nothing to be embarrassed about, Dai. Tell me, in what position are you in the Play?" his dad asked.

    "I got the princess part..." Daisuke said in misery.

    "Im sure you'll do fine in that part." His mom said, trying to contain herself. She thought of cute it would be to see his reaction but really wondered how he would look like as in a girl. Daisuke was eating fast now, trying to finish up so that he could go upstairs.

    As soon as he finished, put the dishes in the dish washer, and headed for the stairs, he was stopped by his grandpa who had also finished and was now on the sofa.

    "Daisuke..." Dai looked back at him, "yeah?"

    "Break a leg and don't worry too much about the dress and make up. At least no one would notice it's you underneath" Grandpa said as he smiled at his grandson's expression.

    "R-right..." Daisuke said as he pouted a little bit while going up stairs. Emiko went to her father's side and sat down.

    "Do you think he's going to refuse being in that role?" Emiko asked.

    "I don't think so..." Kosuke said as he was behind the sofa.

    In Daisuke's room/ evening

    Daisuke let himself fall on his bed, his mind was full of questions. He had already finished his homework with little success of concentration. As he closed his eyes, he began thinking again.

    That guy... Daisuke began to think, remembering his face, he was from the high school and he's apart of the play but what does he do in the play? Does he have a part? Daisuke soon had an image of him, wearing the prince outfit. Daisuke blushed at the thought and he found himself faced down on his bed, his pillow over his head.

    What am I thinking?! Why did I think that?! And why do I feel like my cheeks are warm?

    Daisuke rolled over as he sighed, getting the pillow off of his face. "I don't get what I'm feeling..." Daisuke said as he looked at the ceiling. For a moment he was thinking of what happened to him in the class room. His eyes widened and his mouth was hung lose.

    Am I...do I...like that guy?! He shook his head violently, refusing the idea that just came up. NO,no,no,no,no,no,NO! I like Risa! Not that guy, Risa. I don't like guys I like girls! I don't even know his name! He's a total stranger who is in the Play...Daisuke tried to calm himself down, thinking that he just convinced himself.

    I don't even know his name...Daisuke thought last as he recalled the girl named Hitomi saying 'Mousy-san'. Mousy...Daisuke's eyelids lowered a little and he rolled over. Maybe I do know the name but not all...it doesn't matter...anyway...

    And like that, he feel asleep...