• There was one a clock maker called Mr Fob. Mr Fob was the father of girl twins Tricky and Ricky. One day Tricky, whose heart was as black and cold as ice, asked her farther to make her a watch that she could where around her neck, so that she could show it off to her friends.
    So Mr Fob started his work by stirring up the molten mettle that he had chosen. His flesh cut on the rough pole that he was using to stir the liquid mettle and his blood oozed its way into the molten mettle.
    He then cut out the shapes of clockwork when he had started to uncontrollably sweat! If that wasn't the only odd thing that had started to happen to Mr Fob. No, for Mr Fob started to get quickly obsessed with his work that he spent almost no time with his wife and children! But it was more than just obsession that made him so compelled to his work. For as each piece was being fitted to their designated spot Mr Fobs' soul was slowly but surely getting entangled in the labyrinth like clockwork!
    Up until the last day of his work, and his life, for when Mr Fob clicked down the pin to get the mechanism going, he had sealed away the rest of his soul and his spirit! He then fell down, dead!
    When Mr Fob's family entered the workshop the following morning, Tricky immediately, with no regard for her farther, took up the watch in her hand and put it to her wicked heart. Caring only of the fact that her farther had completed her watch, and it was due to her evil nature that she too fell down, dead!
    When Ricky spotted this she too took up the watch. She put it to her ear, she didn't know why but she did. Then came the shock of her life! For instead of the usual rhythmical Tick tock, there came weak voice that sounded just like her fathers' and it said instead of the clock's tick tock it said help me, help me....
    She put it to her mothers' ear but her mother couldn't hear it and started crying telling her daughter to stop her cruel trick. So only Ricky knew what had happened and she was the only one who could hear the voice of her father repeat the words help me, help me....