• The Lycans Of Sheffield

    “Well for a start if you’re real then what about Lycanthropes?” I questioned her as if in an interrogation “Why of course there are, why do you ask?”

    “I think I saw one a few hours ago” I said still shocked about the beast but in a way a little glad seeing that Harry got what he deserved but why just go after him I wondered. “Scott, you there?” bleeped Taylor’s IM box, when I clicked on it I saw that there was a previous reply which asked how I was “I’m so sorry beautiful, I didn’t see the message pop up and I’m really great but that’s because you brighten up my day or due to the time it is now then night.” I typed

    “Aw! You’re so sweet to me” Sonia’s IM pinged again

    “I’m not that surprised that you saw one as Yorkshire is Lupine territory, but they normally don’t show themselves and also you’ll be safe as they protect Humans from us”

    “Sorry Scottybear” Taylor’s IM kicked in “I got to go I’ll be back later bye” he could feel the sadness through the words “Aw I’ll miss you Tay-Tay –kisses and hugs you goodbye-”

    “-does same-” after seeing aim display that she’s offline I turn back to my convo with Sonia. “Right well I’ve got a bit of news flash for you this one attacked a normal person right in front of me” I almost bellowed the last few lines in my room “Hm well that is weird and let me guess talking to Taylor?” Sonia had asked “Of course, she is my girlfriend after all”

    “You know I don’t like you with her”

    “I know.”

    Silence then hit the laptop and all sounds from my room as I could hear a scraping coming from outside of my window “What the hell is it” I quietly said to myself and although I didn’t want to know I slowly moved towards my curtains and pulled them back. Nothing, no sound and no monster ready to strike ‘I must be crazy’ I thought, moving back to the laptop I typed another question to her

    “How does sunlight react to you?” I asked

    “It does nothing except for leave a burning sensation in the back of our throats but no damage what so ever and it fades was we leave it so no sparkles or diamond appearance.” I giggled

    “I wasn’t gunna mention the sparkling, I mean Twilight is a crock of crap”

    “Indeed it is”

    “Okay I must know though do you have individual powers like Twilight?” I said still teary eyed from the giggles received from her last answer. “That however we do, I for one am a Tracker and my sister Reni can read your mind, but you really shouldn’t believe everything Twilight tells you, it’s a very poor rendition of Vampires” she said almost angered by Stephanie Meyers’ creation. “And what’s more it degrades us and symbolises everything about us”

    “Finished with your rant?”


    “Good, what do you hunt?” I assumed she was getting tired of the questions being asked “Animals mostly the only time I bite a Human is if their dying, and why the questions I feel as if I’m in interrogation?” I was expecting her saying this but I thought it would have been sooner rather than later “I find you fascinating” came my answer.

    “Oh! I know that but what of Taylor?”

    “I didn’t mean like that”

    “Yeah, right, sure, I believe you” she said with a sarcastic tone “I know you Scott so therefore I know that you still think about me and now that you what I am possibly even more.” She was right of course but I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of being right “Sonia really not like that” I said trying to make her believe a lie “You keep believing that”

    “Can we stop arguing?”

    “You didn’t mind before”

    “That was then”

    “FINE have it your way” was her response. Why couldn’t she just believe the lie and not get so worked up “Sorry Sonia” I typed after realising that I may have upset her “It’s okay, don’t worry about it, I got go though and tomorrow the rest of my coven want to speak with you” she then went offline so I then went to play good ol’ game of online Pokemon. The time was around 2am so I decided to get some sleep wondering what the rest of her Family wanted me for “Oh goodie” I said sarcastically “I get to talk with Alex.”

    Journal Entrant: Sonia

    “Sonia! How could you be so stupid by telling something like him what we are” said my brother

    “He deserved to know Alex”

    “Oh really now, you of all Vampires should know that we should not share emotions with Humans and now you’re telling me he deserves to know about us, it’s an outrage” he continued bellowing.

    “You dear brother know why I told him”

    “Of course because your still in love with him, even though he broke your heart, how could you stoop so low? And I don’t think Jacob will be pleased to hear about this.”

    “Leave Jacob out of this and anyway you can’t tell me what to do I made you remember” my eyes flared up as my feud grow stronger “And anyway Scott is trying his best to repay for what he did” displease Alex stormed off into the woods hoping to put his fangs and claws to good use. I walked the halls of my temporary home to mine and Jacob’s room and went back on the computer “Scott please be online” I prayed, but he wasn’t. Outside the bedroom unbeknownst to Sonia were two dark figures one the size of a child the other a young adult “So Roxanne did you find where this Scott is?” asked the taller of the two “Indeed I did” she replied

    “And did you give him a fright?”

    “As you asked” she said with a sick sadistic smirk “I scratched his very windows.”

    “Hm not hardly a fright but if it spooked him then that’s good enough”

    “You’re not impressed?”

    “Well come now it wasn’t your best work” he flickered a fanged smile, Roxanne then pouted, ashamed with herself “I have another task for you my child” she bowed then asked what needed to be done. “I need you to go back over there and get his house phone number”

    “As you wish, but whatever for?”

    “For the second phase of our plan of course, now go quickly” and with that Roxanne transformed into a tabby cat and was off “Now Sonia, you’ll get your punishment for disbanding me from your family” murmured the dark figure so quiet none could hear him.