• Two thousand years ago there came a war. A secret war that raged from Heaven all the way to Earth. A war where angel fought against angel in holy combat, a war between Lucifer and st. Michael.
    At the end of this conflict Lucifer was defeated, cast out of Heaven by st. Michael Himself. Condemned to the Earth's crust, the fire pits of Hell. But he did not go alone, with him went the angels that fought alongside him. And down they fell, all the way to Hell. Becoming fallen angels, or "rogue demons" as they are known.
    This resulted in the birth of a stronger, more powerful demon named Lunatis Magus. Lunatis had a secret power inside him. He could bend the elements and lure his enemies into a deathtrap using magic, his "sorcery". An unknown darkness that was destined to spread.
    The Dark Lord had sensed this power and took Lunatis in as his right-hand demon. Lunatis was the most important thing in creation to Lucifer. The Magician's talent in slaying demons so easily using wit and force is what intrigued the Devil most.
    The Devil's curiosity and admiration for the wise creature almost felt alien, so much that he charged the trickster with the holy-or rather dark and unholy-task of keeping order of the "more violent and unstable residents of the downright ******** up".
    To put it less roughly. Keeping order of the "downright ******** up" meant slaying any demons that challenged Satan. That also included any demons who managed to escape Hell, it was Lunatis' job to hunt them down and tear their souls into nothingness.
    Humans weren't safe either. There are some parts of Earth that are in Hell's jurisdiction-Los Angeles, for example. "City of angels"? Yeah, right.-commit a sin that was big enough for the Underworld to notice or cheat Death too many times while you're in jurisdiction and dear old Lunatis had the power to pay you a visit and drag you down to the inferno with spiked chains.
    That's how it was. Those were the rules. That's how it was always meant to be...Wasn't it?
    There came a day where Lunatis and a selection of other high-ranking demons vanished. Soon after, rumors had started forming that Lunatis had forsaken his physical manifestation and sealed his soul in a golden amulet.
    That amulet is floating around in the real world somewhere in modern time. But don't worry, the chances of a demonic magician possessing you are highly unlikely. Right?