• When you see the "Continue" or "Cont." follow the numbers or letters to your next reading choice. There will be times when you have to choose what to use, carry, and who to save, kill,etc.

    As you observe the room, the place is trashed and reeked of alcohol. You walk into the kitchen to grab some medicine for your headache and a cup of water. Collecting your remedy, you slowly make your way to the couch, flipping the t.v on and setting your things down. You think to yourself, "Idiots didn't even close my door..." You slowly walk towards the door, closing it and locking it. Making your way back, you could hear panic on the T.V. "This is IKS News reporting live downtown where a recent terrorist attack had occur. The explosion had released some kind of chemical into the air. As you can see, soldiers in gas-masks are lined up at every corner of the street, cutting the capital off. Those who were caught within the blast are being taken to a base outside the city... We have news that this is a State of Emergency. Police have..." You hear a scream from outside that startles you. Walking over to the window, you see a man and a women on top of another young lady. You think, "What the..?" You grab your baseball bat just in case and slip on your shoes. Making your way downstairs, you could hear random noises coming from different rooms. Some played loud music and the others were either quite or had the news on. When you reach the front doors, you slowly open them. What do you do?

    1A: Shout to the two on top of the young lady. "Hey! What the hell are you doing?!"
    1B: Approach the two and grab one of them by the shoulder. "What's going on here?"
    1C: Kick the man off her and grab the other. "Quit it!"
    1D: Walk in front of the two with your bat raised. "Get off her or I'll swing!"
    1E: Stand by and watch. "What the hell are they doing..?"
    1F: Hit the man on the head and kick the other. "Get off!"

    (Choosing your option. Follow the option that follows a short story. Some may end your life. Some may continue the story. There are many different stories from your actions. No cheating! That wouldn't be fun!)


    If you chose 1A, read this.

    As you shout to the two, they look back at you. You see that their faces are covered in blood and it seemed as if they looked right past you. You see for a split second that the victim seems to be torn apart. The female assailant goes back to feast on the body as the male stands up. He growls at you and gets ready to charge. He charges. What do you do?

    1: You lift your bat up and get ready to swing. You swing, the bat hit him directly in the head with a crack.

    2: You lift your bat up halfway, you kick him down and step on his chest. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

    3: You throw the bat at him and run inside. He chases you.

    4: You reach for the door, you run in and lock the door using the bat.

    5: You slowly back up. You run inside and go for the elevator.

    6: You slowly back up. You run inside and go for the stairs.


    If you chose 1: You lift your bat up and get ready to swing. You swing, the bat hit him directly in the head with a crack. You slowly sneak away from the other and make your way back up to your room taking the stairs just in case of a power outage. (Continue with story line 1)


    If you chose 2: You lift your bat up halfway, you kick him down and step on his chest. "What the hell is wrong with you?" You look up and see the other attacker charge you. You take a step back and you swing at her. You knock her down, but get bitten on the leg. The pain causes you to drop your bat. Tearing a chunk out of your leg, he tackles you down and continues to tear chunks off your body. You grow weak. You died.


    If you chose 3: You throw the bat at him and run inside. He chases you. He eventually catches up to you and you wrestle for your life. He bites your arm and stars biting off your fingers. You freak out and he bites your face. You died.


    If you chose 4: You reach for the door, you run in and lock the door using the bat. The man begins pounding on the door. You slowly back away from the door but bump into something. It grabs you and bites into your neck. You fall into shock and the blood flows down your body. The light fades. You died.


    If you chose 5: You slowly back up. You run inside and go for the elevator. The man is getting close. As the elevator opens, you see two men, one feasting on the other. The attacker tackles you and starts biting you, the other hears the commotion and joins in. You died.


    If you chose 6: You slowly back up. You run inside and go for the stairs. As you scale up the steps, you could hear the door crash open. You get to your level and run down the hallway. Your neighbor comes out to see what the commotion was all about. You try to get into your room but the attackers in the hallway. He's running towards you. You try unlocking your door. You get it unlocked. He jumps and pounces your neighbor. You lock the door and block it off. (Continue with story line 2)


    If you chose 1B, read this.

    As you approach the two, you grab the man by the shoulder. "What's going on here?" The two turn the heads towards you and you see the torn body.They screech, blood and flesh dripping out from their mouths. They pounce you and start biting. you try pushing their faces away, but they bite more, tearing away fingers and flesh. You died.


    If you chose 1C, read this.

    You kick the man off her and grab the other. "Quit it!" You see the torn body on the ground. You freeze in horror seeing the disfigured lady on the ground motionless. You are distracted by the sickening stench and sight. The man grabs you and bites you in the neck severing your jugular. You lose your breath and grip. The two feast on you as life fades away. You died.


    If you chose 1D, read this.

    Walk in front of the two with your bat raised. "Get off her or I'll swing!" You see the mangled body laying in front of you. The victims face torn. You swing at the man, knocking him down. The other jumps at you, trying to bite you. You deck her in the face with the back of the bat but she comes again. She bites your arm causing you to drop the bat. You stumble to get away, but she comes again and attacks you. She bites your neck, tearing a chunk. You died.


    If you chose 1E, read this.

    You stand by and watch. "What the hell are they doing..?" clueless, you approach the two. They turn around and pounce you. They tear into you, ripping flesh off your face. You died.


    If you chose 1F, read this.

    You hit the man on the head and kick the other. "Get off!" You keep your eyes on the two. The man lay motionless and so does the victim. You notice her face had been torn off and she had been torn into. You get up and noticed the female assailant slowly stumbles to her feet. You raise your bat and swing. She falls, cracking her head on the pavement. (Continue Story line 3)


    Story line 1: You think you are safe in your place. You pick up the phone and try dialing for the police. The line is dead and the power goes out. You search your apartment for weapons of any kind. With a medium sized backpack, you pack some medicine, food, water, and tools. You look at your weapon choice and take only what you need and could carry. What will you take?

    1: Kitchen knife
    2: Butterfly knife
    3: Crowbar
    4: Hammer
    5: Brass knuckles
    6: Hatchet

    (Continue with story.)

    As you arm yourself, you look outside to observe the situation. In the street, you see the scattered bodies and remains of people. An officer lay dead with his gun holstered, a young lady and her child strewn across the pavement, a broken and bloodied broken window, and a broken down car with blood soaked windows. "My god... What a tragedy..." You grab your flash light and eat a quick meal. You plan on what to do next. What do you plan?

    Plan A: Charge out of your place and clear the hallway.
    Plan B: Observe the situation in the hallway before making your next move.
    Plan C: Use a few ropes to get down from your room.
    Plan D: Hold out.

    (To be continued.)


    Story line 2:

    You peer through your windows to see the continuous feeding of the corpse in the street. A young mother and her child, an officer, A bloodied window, and a blood covered car. You pack all your tools into a medium sized backpack. You search your place for some weapons when you hear a sudden knock at your door. "Who's there..?" It got quite for a moment, then you hear footsteps. "Let us in. We have people that are injured." You get up and hesitantly open the door. Lights shine upon your face as the door is kicked open knocking you down. There are people standing over you but you can't see their faces. A man picks you up and searches the place. You look closer to see that they are SDF (Self Defense Forces) sent in to check the area. A total of nine soldiers entered the place, closing the door and blocking it off. They set a soldier on the table holding him down. "Sir, the bleeding isn't stopping!" The man went from screaming in pain to a ferocious growl. Their leader pulls out a pistol and shoots him in the head. "Are there anymore survivors?" He looks at you, weapon pointing towards your direction. "Are you bitten?" You shake your head. "No. Everyone's dead." He looks around then gets on his radio. "Command, this is Bravo 2 in sector 7-3. We have 5 casualties, one survivor, and the place is crawling with hostiles. We need immediate evac. Over." They waited a few seconds. "Bravo 2, this is Hawk-eye, evac has been noted, your area is too hot for pickup. Meet me by the clock stadium 2 clicks south. I'll pick you up." Suddenly the radio starts cracking. All you hear is, "three hundred" and the radio cuts. Everyone is ordered to hold out. Rest up. You close your eyes. (Cont. Story line 2)

    (To be continued)


    Story line 3: You observe your surroundings and notice the streets were packed full of cars. You could hear screams and screech's throughout the neighborhood. You spot an officer struggling against another man, a young lady and her daughter, a college couple trapped in their car, and a man trying to break into a building. Who do you approach?

    A: Approach the officer struggling
    B: Approach the young lady and her daughter
    C: The entrapped college couple
    D: The man trying to break into the building

    A: If you approach the officer struggling...

    The officer tells you to help get the man off him. You grab the attacker and throw him aside. The officer shoots the man six times. He tells you to stand back as he checked the attacker. He leaps at him, biting his neck. You take the gun, shooting them both in the head. Turning around, you could see the young mother, the couple, and the man had been attacked. You take the officers things and make off for the alley where you won't be spotted. You walk down the alley a few meters and see a tools shop. You enter through the back. It's eerie and quite. You draw your gun and flashlight. You search the store only to find nothing but a locked managers door. You find the keys behind the counter and you lock the main doors, blocking it off with shelves. You go to the back and lock the back door. Clearing enough space, you make a perimeter in case you have to hold against anything that breaks in. You find a lantern and and turn it on, shutting the lights to the store off. You rest a little. (Cont story 2a)

    (Weapon and Item found!) You have acquired Glock 19 with 4 bullets in the clip + 1 in the chamber and an additional full clip with 13 bullets. You have also obtained Medium backpack, lantern, fuel, nails, hammer, crowbar, and wires.


    B: If you approach the young lady and her daughter...

    The daughter looks ill and the mother is trying to get into what seems like a pharmacy. You ask her to calm down and she tells you, "My daughter needs medicine for her diabetes! Please! Help me!." You try opening the door, but it's locked. You take your bat and you break the lower window of the door. You crawl in to look around, then they follow. Blocking off the hole, you continue to search with her. You find the medicine and hand it to them. "Thank you so much... I don't know where to go... Everyone's dead. All the phones are dead.. No one is picking up..! Can you help us escape the city?" She begs you, tears raced down her pale skinned cheeks. You look into her blue eyes, then away. "Yeah. I'll help you." She hugs you and thanks you. Now it's time to find a way out. Sadly, her daughter has grown weak and tired. You clear the place out and check the back door. Blocking off the rest of the front, you clear an area for them to sleep. (Cont. Story 2b)

    (Survivor found!) Samantha Rogers(24) and Erica Rogers(4) has joined your group! (Items found!) You have obtained Med Pack/Drug Pack x3, syringes x5, , energy drinks x10, Energy bars x20 and water x20.


    C: If you approach the entrapped college couple...

    You see that there are two crazed attackers trying to smash their windows in. The girl is screaming and the guy is kicking the other ones arms. You run up, bashing the attacker in the streets head, then you go around and toss the other one on the ground, bashing his head in as well. "Hey! Calm down! You two need to get out of there now! Come with me." They both looked at each other and nodded. The three of you run into a gas station. You tell them to bar the door as you checked around the place. You don't find anyone. The girl breaks down crying and her boyfriend tries to calm her down. "Listen! You need to be quite lady. We can't afford to lure any of those things towards us." You look out the window and her boyfriend looks out as well. "My god! That's my brother!" You try to stop him, "No! WAIT!" He opens the door and runs towards the stumbling man. He get's pounced by his brother and eaten alive. The girl tries to make for him, but you grab her and pull her back. "It's no use!" You bar the door and shut the blinds. You barricade the doors and tell her to get some rest.(Cont. 2c)

    (Survivor found!) Kristy Wilkens(20) has joined your group! (Item found!) You have obtained food, water, batteries, flashlights, and a metal bat.


    D: If you approach the man trying to break into the building...

    You approach the man trying to break into the building. "You! We need to get out of here!" He glares at you and keeps pounding at the window. "Sir! This isn't safe! We have to leave!" He stops and looks back at you. "I'm not going anywhere without my wife!" He continues to hack at the window. "Cover me while I try to get this door open. She's in trouble!" Coming around the corner as he reached into the door, a crazed woman runs for him. You swing your bat, breaking her knee caps. She groans and moans then starts crawling towards you. You lift the bat up and swing. "It's unlocked! Let's go!" You follow the man into the building, scaling the stairs. Once you entered the top floor, you could see three people banging on the door. "Деметрий Эй, я забыл, что я должен вам ... Пуля в голове!" (Hey Demetri, I forgot I owe you... A bullet in the head!) The men runs towards you, shrieking. You prepare to swing. The man you helped out pulls out a gun, shooting all three in the head. He walks over their bodies, spitting on them before knocking on the door. His wife opens the door and lets you both enter. They tell you to rest easy. You close your eyes. (Cont. 2d)

    (Survivors found!) Viktor Minakov(33) and Tanya Minakov(27) has joined your group! (Weapon and items found!) You have received a silenced MP5 with 30 rounds and 2 clips, A combat knife, a normal backpack, a grenade and water.


    To be continued in Chapter 2