• I was told to be a dreamer. They told me I could shine like a star if I practiced harder each and every day is what my granny May-smith said. I was in her care because the last 2 months ago my mother Abigail died, because someone decided to “prank” her by putting a bit of poison inside of her water and when she drank it she had died right there at the local café. So after all the sadness, I went to live with my grandma. I continued my untold dream to be a prima-ballerina, as I always kept going to rehearsals and dance school for those 7 days a week. I felt I could do more by telling my grandma that I am planning to conquer my untold dream. Granny may-smith asked “Is this something you really want to do, I mean Georgina there’s much more here than some big city!” But Georgina ignored her grandma and caught many trains to get to NYC (New York City).
    As she arrives to the big city at night, she applies for a job at a local diner called The Late Night Bites until she has enough money to buy an apartment and also enough to be able to perform at an Elite dance academy, and perform in a production they only produce plays or performance when you’re a senior as your about to graduate. After being at E.D.A (Elite Dance Academy) you receive a grant for your full 4 years there so you can have money when you are on your own. You also receive a contract with a dance industry or get into theatric production. As a year goes by Georgina is now a renowned dancer that is well known all over the whole campus by every student. She has been scouted by many of so famous director(s) that want her to star in as many plays as possible.
    Georgina writes everything that she has accomplished and has gone through to become what she is now. The more you think in life of what you dream of or what YOU want to become, you try harder and better to become that one thing or those something’s because that’s how much your into that sport or career because your focused and ready to achieve. So as time passed and it’s already February 8th, 2011 Georgina started to think “I’ve did everything to get to my goal, I dont know if I have any other goal in life since I broke my ankle in my last rehearsals during one of my well known favorite performances. As I was doing a leap, and when I landed I came down near my ankle instead of my foot planting flat. So I came tumbling down aching in pain and as I asked the other as they rushed up to me “Go get help call the ambulance because I think I twisted my ankle” they nodded and walked away as one person called 911 as other prepped my ankle and got me ice to wait for the paramedic’s.
    As I was being rushed to Emergency room I got a text from my brother Nathaniel even though I didn’t bring him up in the story is because he was a long lost brother and I didn’t know about him until one day granny told me you have a long lost brother in Idaho named Nathaniel Wade and he lives with his wife and kids and so as I read the text it read: Georgina this is Nathaniel and granny has passed away from having Lung cancer and not telling us but in her will she did and she wanted to let you know when you made it big that she loves you and you are to inherit her home and everything precious to her. As Georgina mouthed the words as reading the text she broke into tears and cried the entire way to the hospital and back home after they put a cast on her leg. When all this occurred she stopped being a prima-ballerina and got a career as a dance teacher and was the most successful person of all in Wisconsin and New York.
    In ballet a complicated story is impossible to tell…. we can’t dance synonyms.

    GEORGE BALANCHINE, Life magazine, Jun. 11, 1965