• (Anna Smith is a 12 year old girl, she loves horror, and her favorite holiday is Halloween. But this Halloween is going to be different, something so different it will change her life.)
    “Mom!” Anna yelled from the top of the stairs.
    “What is it Anna?” Miss Smith yelled from the bottom of the stairs.
    “I lost my left shoe!” Anna yelled while franticly looking through her closet.
    “I think Jeff ran off with it.” Mrs. Smith said as she looked over at Jeff, a brownish Gray Beagle.
    Jeff was chewing on a shoe.
    “Ugh” Anna groaned while running down the stairs with one shoe on her foot.
    “Jeff, give me my shoe!” Anna quickly grabbed the shoe from the pup’s mouth and wiped off the droll with a paper towel.
    Anna sighed and then rolled the paper towel into a ball and tossed it in the garbage can, it hit the edge of the can and rolled to the floor.
    “Always” She said as she ran and picked up the slobbery paper towel, just then the doorbell rang.
    Anna Put on her shoe Feeling a glob of slobber still left in the bottom. Eww she thought, How could dogs be so gross!
    “Bye mom I got to go to surah’s House!”
    Surah is Anna’s Best friend; they have known each other since they were in kindergarden and have been going to the same school and the same town. Surah only lives a couple blocks away.
    “Wait Anna.” Mrs. Smith called as she headed towered the kitchen.
    “What mom?” Anna stopped before she opened the door.
    “Don’t forget to bring your meds” Mrs. Smith Handed the little bottle of pills to Anna.
    “Can you put them in my bag? I don’t want to have to take off my bag.”
    “Thanks mom”
    Anna opened the door when she realized it rang about three times, then she heard loud knocking. She peered outside. No one.
    “Mom did you just hear the door Bell ringing a few moments ago?” Anna looked at her mom, taking her hands off the door knob.
    “No honey the door Bell did not ring at all.”
    “Weird” Anna said while searching the room for anything that could of made a door bell sound, sadly she found nothing that could.
    “I... I thought I heard the door bell ringing…” Anna could hardly say the words.
    “Well... Maybe you heard the attic up stairs… I think sometimes it makes noises”
    “No mom, I heard the doorbell ring loud... And clear.”
    She looked at the door scanning it as if she just moved into the house and just noticed the door. Was it a prank? She wondered. It could not be a prank; mom did not even… hear the doorbell or the loud knocks.
    “You should get going to Surah’s now, Anna” Mrs. Smith called, interrupting Anna’s thoughts.
    “I guess so…” Anna replied, not taking her eyes off the door.
    Just then she heard a very soft voice that was not her mother, the voice was saying…
    “Anna, come here Anna. I want to talk to you.”
    The voice was so fragile and soft. Anna spun around quickly talking her eyes off the door and scanning the room.
    “What’s wrong Anna?” Mrs. Smith called, looking worried at Anna’s frightened face.
    It’s got to be a prank! Anna screamed in her mind.
    “Uh” Anna managed to pull out some sort of word.
    Should she tell her mom someone was calling her name from inside the house? No, she would not believe me.
    “I’m fine” Anna said as her mother came to her.
    “Okay” Her mother said.
    “You don’t look like your feeling to well Anna.” Mrs. Smith felt Anna’s Forehead.
    “Yeah I don’t feel so well as I was this morning” She groaned.
    She threw her bag down, and it landed with a plop.
    “I will be upstairs, to rest, mom, I don’t think I will be going to my friends house tonight.” She headed towered the stairs.
    “Okay dear” Mrs. Smith called out from the kitchen.
    Just as Anna was walking up the stairs she felt a cold chill. It ran from her torso all the way down to her feet.
    “Brr, Mom Do you have the heat on?” She called to her mom who was making a bowl of ramen noodle soup for Anna.
    “Yes Anna, The heat is on all the way… Why do you ask?”
    “Never Mind, mom.”
    Anna went up the stairs when she saw a little girl standing at the top of the stairs. She gasped as the pale girl reached her hand towards Anna. The little girl did not move her feet at all, she had blonde hair that went all the way down to her shoulder, she wore a long white dress, and she had blue shining eyes that looked empty when you stared into them. Anna was so speechless she almost fell down the stairs. She leaned back and was about to fall off the edge.
    “Whoa!” She screamed
    She caught her balance and pulled herself back up. She glanced at the top of the stairs, but the little girl was gone. Weird? Anna thought. She looked around franticly scanning for the ghostly girl, but she could not find her. Anna’s heart was pounding rapidly. She quickly ran up to her room and shut the door. She slumped in to her computer chair and turned on the computer. As soon as she turned on her computer there was a note on the screen it read….
    Dear Anna,
    I am that little girl you saw on the stairs I want you to know that I am living with you. Yes I am a ghost but we can work this out. I am in the attic sitting inside the door, but it needs a key for you to come in to my room. The key is under a rock outside by the old oak tree. I will explain more when you find me.
    Linda Roswell
    “What!” Anna screamed as she read the letter over again.
    “Who is Linda Roswell?”
    Maybe I should look her up and see who she is…. Yeah that’s a good idea she thought. She brought up Google and typed in Linda Roswell.
    “Oh my gosh!” She cried as she read the news headline. It said
    Little girl going by the name of Linda Roswell Was murdered in 2343 Apple R.D on May 4, 1982 at the age of 12 years old. We have not found the murderer.
    “Oh no, I feel so bad for Linda… but that would mean she IS a ghost!”
    She read the rest of the newsletter and at the way bottom she saw a Pitcher of Linda. Linda looked exactly like the girl she saw on the top of the stairs five minutes ago. She could hardly breathe, well now I know this is not a prank, she thought shivering. Living with a ghost. Those words floated through Anna’s mind rapidly.
    “Maybe living with a ghost won’t be… too bad, maybe I should find the key to her room and say…. Hi.” Anna felt scared at that thought.
    A ghost, living in our house! Anna could not believe it! She ran down stairs and grabbed her coat. She ran outside, just then she forgot her hat and the cold air splashed her face.
    “BRR!” Anna exclaimed while shivering
    “The letter said that I need to look under a rock by the big oak tree.”
    Anna went by the old crooked oak tree and lifted up a medium sized bolder rock. She breathed hard while trying to roll the rock out of the way.
    “Come on!” She screamed while her hands started to slip.
    Just then she felt a rumble and the rock gave away from its position. She looked at the rock that rolled away and then looked at her red hand. She groaned while rubbing her hands against her coat to keep them warm.
    “Why am I even doing this?” Anna looked at the spot the rock laid on.
    She saw a metal gold object lying in the dirt. That must be the key!
    Anna picked up the key and stared at it like she just saw a ghost. I did see a ghost, she thought. A ghost who died in MY house. She stuffed the key in her jacket pocket and headed towered the house.
    “Now where is the attic?”
    She looked around the house for the attic. Anna saw a little metal ladder behind the pantry. Anna checked to see if the ladder was sturdy enough to hold her. Luckily it was. She took one small step up the ladder, and pushed the latch up and stared into a dark room. It felt cold and smelled like mildew.
    “I hope the light switch still works” Anna felt around the walls feeling for a light switch.
    Her hands touched something hard and bumpy. She knew it was a light switch and flicked it on. The light burned her eyes and it took a moment for her to adjust to the bright light.
    “At least the light works” Anna said happily.
    She scanned the baby blue room. It’s quit pretty, Anna thought. Anna looked around for the door the girl from the letter was talking about. She looked behind a stack of boxes and saw a little white door that had a name on it the name read….
    Linda Roswell’s room Please nock before entering,
    No company
    Anna gasped when she read the end of the message on the door. She has nice hand writing, Anna thought. She noticed a big lock on the door. Anna took the key from her pocket and stuck the key in the lock. The door gave away with a groan after a couple pushes and shoves.
    Anna stared in to a dark room with a little girl siting on a canopy bed. The bed was nicely made and it was pink. Everything in the room seemed very childlike. There were dolls all in a row. There was a closet with Linda’s name on it and a little toy box with other delights lying in the inside. Anna noticed a pink and yellow doll house sitting in the corner. The little girl was hugging a brown and pink bear. Anna thought this was the perfect room to be in if you were dead.
    “I’m glad you came” The little girl said as she slowly sat the brown and pink bear on the bed.
    “My name is Linda Roswell” The little girl stared at Anna, expecting Anna to say a word.
    “I… I am Anna Smith, I live down stairs” Anna did not know what Linda would do next.
    “I of course live up here” Linda pointed to her room.
    “It is really nice” Anna felt calmer now that she was having a good conversation.
    “Thank You, My daddy made this room for me before I…” Linda’s voice trailed off.
    “Before you were murdered.” Anna said finishing Linda’s sentence.
    “Yes, I wish I could get revenge on the guy who murdered me!” Linda’s face turned red on her pale face.
    Anna could sense Linda was angry. Anna did not know what to do.
    “Wait you know who murdered you?” Anna asked looking confused.
    “Yes” Linda said sounding much calmer now.
    “I think I could help you, or maybe you can describe him to me and the cops could get him” Anna looked at Linda, expecting an answer.
    “I have a picture of him; I will never forget him because he was my boyfriend.”
    Anna gasped; Anna could not believe Linda’s Boyfriend murdered her! Anna quickly hurried to Linda forgetting her fear, and stared down at the picture of Linda’s murderer. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and wore a red boy vest and had blue jeans that had mud stains on them.
    “I feel so bad for you, Linda” Anna put a hand on Linda’s shoulder forgetting she was a ghost.
    “It was horrible, he shot me, Anna! He shot me in the heart!” Linda began to cry, tears rolling down her cheeks.
    “Can I borrow this picture?” Anna looked at Linda.
    “Yes, I can’t bare to keep this picture anymore.” Linda set the cold frame in Anna’s warm hands.
    ‘I will come back tomorrow and tell you if I found him, what was his name? And what was his age?” Anna asked.
    “His name is Adam Melanie, and he was thirteen when he murdered me. Now that you know me…. He might murder you” Linda put her cold hand on Anna’s Shoulder. Anna’s arm felt very cold, Anna shivered.
    “You still think he is alive?” Anna asked.
    “Yes, when he murdered me he ran off.” Linda folded her hand in her lap.
    “So if I know you, he could come after me? “Anna had a worried look on her face.
    “That, Is true.” Linda frowned.
    “So I will report this picture and the info to the police?” Anna stared at the picture.
    “Yes, pretty much.” Linda grabbed the brown and pink bear.
    Anna looked at the door across the room; she walked to the door and looked back at Linda who was squeezing the bear against her.
    “I should get going to the police right away, I will be back tomorrow at three o clock”
    Anna bid her good byes and walked out the room. Anna could feel the moist air in the room. It smelled worse for Linda’s room smelled like pumpkin spice. The attic smelled like old socks.
    “Eww, this attic reeks!”
    Anna quickly ran towered the metal ladder, and climbed down. Her blue sneakers clamped to the wood floor loudly. She changed into denim jeans and headed towards the side walk to go to the police station.
    Twenty minutes after walking side walk after side walk she reached the City Police Station. She entered through the doors and looked around the room, there was a police officer sitting at a waiting desk.
    “Hello, mam, Why are you here? Where are your parents? Are you a little young to be here alone?” The officer asked Anna before she was halfway to the desk.
    “Me? Well I needed to give some info to the chief or the person in charge; it is about a murderer who murdered Linda Roswell and I am here by myself my name is Anna Smith and I am 12 years old. I have a picture of the murderer and I know his name and everything…”
    “Dear me! Linda was…. She was murdered, that was our biggest story back in 1982. How did you find the murderer? I mean he could be dead along with Linda.” The officer led Anna to the chief officer.
    “This may sound crazy but Linda talked to me, it’s weird I can like see ghosts and you do know Halloween is Saturday and today is Friday so being able to see ghosts is just weird. I don’t know what to do but it is very scary” Anna pulled out the picture of Linda’s old boyfriend.
    “You know being able to see ghosts is a very rare thing, and I MEAN rare there are only few people in the world who can. And of course I can. My name is Adela Rose” Adela looked at the picture of Linda’s murderer and sighed.
    “Wow! You can see ghosts too. Well Linda’s murderers name is Adam Melanie, he was thirteen when he Murdered Linda.” Anna stared at the picture of Adam.
    “Hmm, maybe I can search Adam up. I think he is dead.” Adela looked at Anna.
    “Well, Linda said that since Adam knows me….. He will murder me…….”
    “I know, Linda was….. She was my sister. That’s why I became a police officer. And now I have been looking for Linda’s murderer and thanks to you I found him.” Adela stared at Anna.
    “She is your sister!” Anna looked surprised.
    This is a really weird day…First I meet a ghost then I meet the ghost’s sister and I find out a murderer MIGHT be after me!
    Anna and Adela walked in to the chief’s office. Anna stared into a deep gray room and saw a tall man with a chief’s suit on and a gold badge, sitting at a desk. Suddenly he looked up at the two girls.
    “Why hello, what can I do for you?” His voice sounded worn out.
    “This young lady found info on Linda Roswell’s Murderer.” Adela pointed to Anna.
    The man’s eyes went wide, He stood up from his chair and headed towered Anna and Adela.
    “Linda? You mean your sister? Little girl, what is your name?” The man walked towered Linda.
    “My name is Anna Smith, and what is yours sir?” Anna replied, answering the man’s question.
    “My name is Chief Tosco, But you can just call me Tosco. I think it is great you can help us with Linda’s murderer, it really helps a lot.”
    “Oh, you’re welcome sir…. I mean Tosco.” Anna looked at Tosco.
    “Anna, why don’t you go outside the office door and sit on the bench and I will be out in a moment, I am going to tell Tosco about Adam. Okay?” Adela stared at Anna, waiting for her to move outside.
    “Oh, I can do that” Anna walked out the door.
    Anna sat on the cold chair in the waiting room. She looked around.
    “Hey you.”
    “Huh?” Anna heard a kids voice, it sounded like young boy Anna’s age.
    “Over here, right by the desk” The boy said.
    “Oh, hello” Anna said confused.
    The boy had blonde curly hair; he wore a black shirt with a skull on it, and red and black sneakers and faded shorts. He wore black shades so Anna could not tell what color eyes the boy had.
    “Hi, I was just wondering, Why you here? Oh by the way my name is Jack Russell.” The boy looked at Anna.
    “Umm, I was just giving some info about a murderer… My name is Anna Smith” Anna stood up.
    “I live on Apple Road” Jack walked towered Anna.
    “Wow, I live there too, did you hear about the Guy who murdered a girl named Linda Roswell there…. Very close to my house.” Anna was happy someone lived on her block.
    “Oh my, you live in the haunted house” Jack did not seem so thrilled, in fact he looked worried.
    “Yeah I know, Linda’s ghost lives there”
    Anna sat back down, and looked at Jack.
    “Ghost? You can see ghosts. That is cool. But doesn’t it get creepy seeing AND knowing a dead person is living in your room*+?” Jack sat next to Anna.
    “I was scared at first, and she lives in the attic behind a door… oh my. I left the key in the door when I came out, I forgot to lock it.” Anna felt scared.
    “Wait so the ghost could have gotten out?” Jack seemed a bit worried as well.
    ‘Yeah, I have to get going quick. But I have to wait here for Adela and Tosco.” Anna looked at Jack while he took off his shades. He had brown eyes.
    “Oh, you saw my dad” Jack took his shirt and wiped off some dust from his shades and put the shades back on, covering his brown eyes.
    “Tosco is your dad?” Anna felt confused.
    “Yup, I just come in sometimes and hang out around the office”
    Right before Anna could reply, Adela and Tosco came out of the office.
    “I see you met my son, Jack Russell.” Tosco looked at jack, then at Anna.
    “Yeah” Anna replied.
    “Anna seems like a pretty cool friend” Jack smiled at Anna.
    Anna smiled back at Jack.
    “Well i…. I have to get home, it’s getting late” Anna said as she put her coat back on.
    “Oh alight, Goodbye Anna. Be safe.” Said Tosco as he waved Goodbye.
    “Don’t worry I will be safe…. I hope.” Anna said unsure that she WILL be safe.
    “Goodbye!” Said Adela and Jack as Anna walked out the door.
    As Anna walked out the door, she could feel the cold air in the midnight sky. Anna looked up at the full moon in the sky. Seems like it’s going to rain soon, Anna thought as she kept her eyes on the moon. Just then Anna heard a little voice behind her.
    “Anna…” The voice kept saying over and over.
    As the voice got louder Anna felt a cold hand on her shoulder stopping Anna from going any further. Anna spun around and gasped. Anna saw who it was and it was Linda, the ghost from the attic. So I did leave the door open, Anna though.
    “Hello” Linda said as she removed her hand from Anna’s Shoulder.
    “What are you doing out of the attic?” Anna responded, forgetting that Linda said “Hi”.
    “Well, I… You left the attic door unlocked so I figured I’d explore” Linda replied.
    “Oh, Then where’s the key?” Anna said as she started walking home.
    “I don’t know, the door was already unlocked… I did nothing with the key.” Linda responded as she followed Anna.
    “Do you think it’s still in there?” Anna asked.
    “I think so…. Hey what’s so important about the key anyways?” Linda looked at Anna giving her a confused look.
    “Well… Nothing really… I guess…..’ Anna said as she stopped and wiped a rain drop from her forehead.
    “Its going to rain” Linda looked up at the clouded night sky.
    “I now noticed, Hey Do ghosts eat?” Anna stared at Linda.
    “No, We don’t have bodies, So why eat.” Linda replied.
    “Makes sense” Anna said as she continued walking.
    “Hey, Wanna do something fun?” Linda asked as she started to get exited.
    “Hmm, It depends on what your idea of *FUN* is…” Anna said a bit confused.
    “Oh you will see, Just follow me” Linda gave Anna a wink and went down the road.
    Anna began to follow Linda, They walked for about 10 minutes and soon, Anna could tell where she was.
    “The Carnival? But the carnival is closed; if we go in there we would be breaking in.” Anna refused to go into the locked place.
    “Ha-ha, I know, that’s the fun of it.” Linda said as she walked through the gate.
    Anna followed Linda, and climbed up the gate and jumped down to the other side.
    “Ouch!” Anna yelled while she looked at her pants, that got ripped while jumping off the gate.
    “You okay?” Linda asked while still walking around the carnival.
    “Yeah, lucky for YOU, ghosts CAN NOT get hurt because they have NO body.” Anna said as she tried to catch up with Linda.
    “True, it is very good not to get hurt.” Linda stopped in front of a roller coaster and looked up.
    “Yeah, Are we going to RIDE that right now?” Anna looked up at the Red and Green roller coaster that was hard to see in the night.
    “Yeah” Linda grinned while holding up an engine key.
    “Wait, Where did you get that?” Anna looked at the key.
    “Uhmm, I kind of stole it from the carnival office while you were at the police station.” Linda said, while handing the key to Anna.
    “Well, You know, Stealing MAY HAVE BEEN okay in your time but in our time it’s a crime.” Anna said with a stern look.
    “I know” Linda responded as she took the key back.
    “Well, if you know then why did you do it?” Anna said as she stared at Linda’s hand with the key.
    Linda grinned, “I’m a GHOST remember…”
    “What does that have to do with this?” Anna asked.
    “The BLAME will be on you.” Linda said.
    “What! You’re setting me up!?” Anna screamed.
    Linda nodded her head and then disappeared, “Yes”. As Linda disappeared she dropped the key into Anna’s hands.
    Just then, Anna could hear the alarm going off. She was caught and she could hear police cars coming. Anna tried to run but the police cars were too close.
    “Hey! Stop right there!” Yelled a police man, as he walked out of a police vehicle….

    (End of Part one) Could this be the end for Anna? Will she ever get her revenge on Linda?