• A luscious white plume sways in the autumn wind, gliding downward, nearing the ground. As the lovely feather hits the earth, landing in a puddle, the murky dark, murky water engulfs the white decoration. The plume has been tainted, never to return to normal unless saved by the caring hand of an angel. That had however won’t come today due to the fated woman being laid up in a hospital; struggling through labor. It doesn’t take the woman an hour or even two. It takes her seventeen hours to conceive her child and just a single day to deny the child of her love.

    * * * * *

    “Why did they have to be right? Why did he have to lie to me?” The young, beautiful woman sat against the apartment’s wall; head in her dainty hands. “It’s,” she picked her head up, “all your fault!” Her voice was loud and filled with hatred towards me; a child aged eight. “Th-they kicked me out of Heaven and stripped me of my status! It’s all your damn fault!” She continued to sob only to stand and move towards me in a predatory manner. Not knowing her true intentions, I stood and let her come to me. I opened my arms to her, willing to comfort her. I smiled, my mother’s arms stretched out to me like she was going to embrace me for the first time in years. To my dismay, her arms didn’t connect with my skin but her angelically pale fingers coiled themselves around my thin arms. The rough back and forth motion of her shaking caused my eyes to go wide and fear to course through my veins. This sickening action continued until my mother’s thin fingers released my weak arms. The swift, backward motion was unstoppable and so I fell back, hitting my head on the wall. My mother left me to lie on the cold, hard floor, half-lidded, as I barely managed to remain conscious.

    * * * * *

    “He’s coming today,” she lifted me up into a tight hug, “can you believe it?” Father was obviously making his annual visit to their two bedroom apartment. “Wait,” she set me down abruptly, “I think I hear him!” She dashed to the entrance, opening the door, only to find the father of her unwanted child. She, being generally petite, jumped into his arms; smiling, flirting, and kissing.

    I stood quietly, twiddling my thumbs, until my father addressed me. My hands became sweaty as I parted my dry lips to speak. “Forget about him! It’s just us two today!” My mother had interjected before I even got a chance to talk. Then, before I knew it, my father -mother in tow-, moved past me, heading for the master bedroom of the apartment. That day would be spent hungry, alone, and with whatever show was loud enough to block out the noises that were escaping from behind closed doors and thin walls.

    I would wake up on the couch the next morning as my father tried to sneak out for yet another year. “Bye dad,” I offered a smile, “I love you.” The second I dropped the three-letter-bomb, my father’s eyes returned to their original silver.

    “Don’t call me dad or say ‘that’ to me ever again!” He gripped a hand tightly over my mouth until I gave an agreeable nod. “Let Ciel sleep, alright?” I gave another nod before my father turned and moved to the door. Before he closed me off for another year, he scoffed, “no one would ever love a half-breed!”

    My eyes filled with tears as my father closed the door of our apartment for the last time.

    * * * * *

    My next few weeks went by like every other; full of pain, anger, fear, and loneliness. Once I turned 9, everything changed for the worse. My mother’s breakdowns were becoming an every-night battle.

    Next thing I knew, I woke up, damaged, in an ambulance. My breath was shaking and my body was riddled with an overwhelming amount of pain. A silent scream erupted from my convulsing body. The paramedics brought a needle to my arm and within seconds, my limbs were numb and my vision; blurred.

    * * * * *

    When my consciousness returned, I was laying silently in a hospital bed; alone. My mother, two policemen, and an unknown woman stood just outside the glass walls. I closed my weary eyes, shutting out any light that tried to burn my multi-colored orbs. I closed off everything around me; the sights, the sounds, the soapy smells, and any feelings I may be aware of in my drug induced state. I took a heavy breath and let my tears stream down my pale, bruised, cheeks. I knew exactly what was going on; my mother was being reprimanded for her attempt on my life. What I didn’t realize was that I would be taken away and thrown into an orphanage while my mother would most likely go to jail for her demonic actions.
    I let my tears fall freely downward till they tainted my white sheets with grey blotches that were quick to fade. My fingers would grip the bedding tightly as the two officers dragged my cruel mother away in quite the brusque manner. My crying would cease once the unfamiliar woman entered my hospital room.

    “Hey there lil’ buddy,” she spoke to me like a dog; high pitched tone and all. “You’ve been through a lot, haven’t you?” I nodded my head seeing as she took note of my two different eye colors; a beautiful blue and a unique gold-ish. “You’ll be coming home with me tomorrow, alright?” I nodded once again. “Alright! You’ll have lots of brothers and sisters at my house! Doesn’t that sound fun?” Her wide grin and annoying tone was beginning to irritate me seeing as I wanted nothing but to collapse into tears once again.
    Then, with that, she left only to return again the following day. She would bring me into yet another deathtrap for two full years of nothing but pain, torture, and fear.