• Hana gripped the hilt of her sword. It shouldn't be this way. She read the engraved words on the headstone every time she visited but it never erased the memory of her failure. Lavender incense was burning in small, light green pots in front of it. It's been three months since the Fisher King, as the hollow called himself, killed their captain. The mission was simple. No one should have died.

    "Captain Madoka Aoi, Squad 4."

    There were five in the human world coordinating an attack on one location. The park had no lost souls, nothing to draw to them surrounding area. Kurosaki's reitsu was considered the cause, though unlikely. It could have been someone from his family; specifically, his father. Some still believe it, but that was doubtful.

    She pushed an white strand of hair behind her ear. It was going to be awhile before they got a new captain. Sighing, Hana turned to leave. The others were waiting. There was plenty of paperwork to deal with.