• What do you want to hear? The truth or your truth? Well you’re not getting anything but your own brains foreplay.
    Women and girls are not simple, if you think the way to a women’s heart is through her clitoris, your half way correct. While an unbelievable orgasm can last for hours (for a female) after you squirts the stress out of her, don’t forget one important rule.
    Honesty is the key to life.

    If you can’t deliver, don’t expect anything worth your wild. If you want to dig up the past of a woman you’ll need a bulldozer. As a girl back in the day I figured out if I keep dressing like a slut Men will want me not my crush in first period. But I chewed threw my leash as a girl, and since no one reported me as missing. My first kiss was with a 18 year old tall darken hansom, all though I was 8 years old, my body looked freshly 18. All the big boys wanted a chance with me. Some got to play the strings but others wished they had a taste. The first man I ******** I was 14. With my luck I always got the short end of the stick. The second time still hadn't POPPED my sweet tasting cherry. The third time I was started to get annoyed, the fourth I just laid there and took it or lack thereof. Then once I turned 16, I kept to myself and promised my p***y the next person to please my p***y besides me would love me. God damn near five years later I figured my life out.

    Nobody could know my dark shadows, because until this moment I forgot why I created my beginning this beginning were I had to be the ******** and not the one being ********.
    Being a 5 year old you don’t really think or the wrong but what you can do wright. Her name is Jacquie beautiful, tall, Carmel skin. She was my neighbor; I loved her smile, her laugh, and her kisses. She always wanted to babysit me when my parents were away. She slept on the top bunk and I slept on the bottom. The first night she watched me it was subtle, she taught me to nibble and gently cores the clitoris with my tongue. This was the start of my childhood disappearing before my thighs.