• I stand at the top of a tall building, tears staining my cheeks, the wind drying them on my skin and blowing my hair in front of my wet and puffy eyes. I look down to the passing cars and people on the streets, oblivious to what is about to happen after they walk by.
    One step and this can all be over,
    One step and they won't care,
    One step and I can die alone.
    He never loved you, did he? That's why he kissed another girl.
    My shoulders start to shake from sobbing, and my hands and knees shake from fear.
    It didn't have to end like this, but this is the only way for me.
    Why can't I stop myself?
    I move a shaking foot toward the edge, letting my body fall weak for my death. I am ready for this.

    Until arms hold my waist and pull me upward before I fall. My crying becomes worse, and I flail and punch and kick and scream to whomever caught me, until I notice his face.
    "This is all you fault! Let me die! You never loved me! Never!" I scream. I flail and punch more, until he holds my arms over my torso tightly. "I never loved her! Don't think I don't love you! She forced herself onto me! I tried to tell you but... You wouldn't listen to me!" He cried out over my screeches. I stopped kicking and instead cried into his chest.
    "I love you." I say muffled from his shirt. He rubs my head soothingly as the ambulance arrives because of my almost suicidal actions.
    "I love you too."