• Once a child went up the stairs to heaven she saw nothing but white no one was there but a rock.

    The rock spoke and told the child to move so he could see the light she kept moving till she was on the rock.

    The rock said "U are a fool to go on me but not let god see through u" The girl said "But the light will not reach u to your head, wont it?" A breeze hit the girl off the rock both the girl and rock were surprised, the rock said "Strange" Both were queit.

    Then a voice came and said "Fools are none but the only fool are the pepol who say others are fools wene they are themselves" The girl was confused and said "BUT DOESNT A FOOL ONLY BELEIVE IN WHO SAY IS FOOL?" The rock said "I did not call her a fool *in a mumble* I said that she must move" The voice was queit then The voice said "Ahahaah I did not hear anything *in a peaceful voice* I will not blame anyone but only say that we are all fools no matter who or what we are~!" The girl fell feeling dizzy "Wha..."

    She got up in bed thinking were she was and what happened, She was in the nurses office from being beat up bruises all over her self she was half asleep and said "Oh goodness, What a strange dream" she still rememberd the message from the dream and said "Fools on all of us" Nurse "What did u say honey, oh ur awake!"

    Wene the girl got out the office she wene to the bullies and said "FOOLS ON ALL AND NONE TO BE LEFT!" And walked away to never see the bullies EVER again...