• Wene I was small I met wonderful pepol, There names were Aki, Damu, and gheno we all were friends forever... is what we would always say. That day was the day wene I lost hope in pepol, wene I remembered the bad thoughts and put them all together, To think pepol parish so fast was heart breaking.

    Aki died that day On May 6. Wene the day passed everyone that I knew fled Damu went to korea and Gheno went to America. We were all alone on our own sides of life wene our preschool teacher called all of us and said "To respect out loving Aki we will come back together as one, and pray for her so she can finally rest in peace" Wene each one of us heard it we thought of Aki and knew she deserves it.

    That day of September we came. We were all surprised wene we saw each other and knew that wene we do this well leave each other again....Forever.

    Our preschool teacher was alive in surprise that only us came and some others that left early unexpectedly Our teacher had tears down her cheeks and sobbed we Me and Gheno hugged her all crying cat_crying We all looked at Damu still crying and wich was so cute was wene he came crying and walked away.... RAN BACK jumped on us, everyone crying made me think why we were crying in the first place. Was it Aki?

    Our teacher said "Lets start our prayer, Oh wait here deary's im going to get something" We all waited speechless like the day she went on. *A gust of wind came, Sakuras were flying* We all stared in love. Our eyes in confusion and sadness looked at Aki I yelled crying Damu got up from sitting and looked at her with mouth open, She looked at us in surprise and a tilted head suddenly saying "Im back" In tears.

    Wene we blinked we saw nothing but each other in confusion and sadness, Gheno said "I think im going crazy but did u see that" We all looked at each other but Damu did not, Wene I saw him crying with all his might I went tword him and patted his back so did Gheno.

    The time came wene we would say goodbye, The teacher came in half tears with flowers that shined from the sun wene because of the water. We all went to her grave. Once again a gust of wind came we all knew....She was here to say goodbye herself. That was what we thought...Her voice that came in the wind saying "Lets play one last game of hide and seek" All in our minds agreed so did the teacher she said " I shall stay here...U children have fun~!" We all had teary eyes from before and we all ran through the forest I went through the Ai river, Damu went near the nearest pond were the god of water was But then Gheno yelled "I SEE SOMTHING BLUE, IT MIGHT BE AKI" We all ran twordes him in happiness While seeing Damu on his knees I looked up and saw Three sakura branches with a note on each one with our names.

    I laughed both looked at me and I said "This is not a goodbye this is just a present..right?" "IF THIS IS A GOODBYE THEN WHY DO U NOT COME AND SAY GOODBYE URSELF U ALWAYS SAID IT...urself everyday cat_cry did u not." Damu yelled "COME OUT WE ALREADY FOUND U YEARS AGO" Gheno said the same and so did I.

    She appeared in front us all tilted her head and said "U found me... cat_3nodding ".

    That was the day wene I knew That she was in a better place....And will always carry a laugh