• Once there was a wise old tree. He would let the children pick from him the fruit they needed

    but only asked they left enough for him to not die. The Children only picked a bit and enough for

    them to eat. The tree never complained. However the children started picking too much fruit

    and far more than was needed. The tree begged them not to. The tree said that it was starting to

    kill him. The children were now adults and they did not care any-longer what the tree told

    them. They just kept taking and taking. One day the tree stopped letting them pick fruit. They asked

    the tree why. He said "You have picked too many. I am going to die". So the greedy children got

    angry and, they stopped caring for the tree. They only wanted the fruit he gave them. So they got an

    Axe and chopped down the tree. They picked all of the fruit and carried it off and turned the

    wood into fire wood and lumber for other purposes. The tree regretted ever helping the

    children. There is a Moral to this story