• Chapter 4

    Time flies so fast. Very fast. Like a speed of lightning. Like a flash of a camera. Probably about the same time similar to a speed of light entering your eye pupils.

    It is now February, which is the most irritating month of the year. For me, of course. I hated the sights of love and smiles, even though I think that Ryan, my most recent friend, is cute. The entire color of pink looks weary to me. Not all girls like pink. In fact, some boys loved pink so much that they wore their pink-colored T-shirt to school every single day. Only in February. No month else, besides "breast cancer awareness months" or something like that.

    Since that day when I met Ryan, nothing really happened later on. We spent time together at a nearby park called View Park Park. And yes, which that is the actual name for that new park. Okay, so I was so wrong about my whole neighborhood. View Park eventually became so popular that everybody wants to visit that area. Because of the nice view. And, I am sorry that I said negative views about View Park, which was ages ago. I mean, this story is fiction after all, which I am fake, and Ryan is fake, and the whole world I still live in is fake, but not in real life. In reality, View Park would be much more different, more happy and more relaxing, than what I am living in my world right now.

    So back to the topic. There was this one day in February at the park where we laid down and had our backs right next to each other. It was so much different without Poppy. Especially when the break up of friendship happened like, about two years ago. I still talked about how I look, (and yes, people still gossiped around me, like I was invisible), which Ryan also calmed me again and again, telling me that there is nothing awkward about me or my appearance.

    Then, somewhere around noon, I found out the most horrible truth of all.

    "Why? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" I screamed so loud that people could hear from far away. Loud and clear. With my anger, I found myself stomp the earth with my feet and kick the grass to Ryan's new shoes. They are the color black, the sign that he is evil. Wicked. And a big fat liar.

    He stopped and looked at me with his smirking face. And then, he turned and started to walk away, like what my old friend did to me, and spilled out the most cruel words of all. To me. Right at my face.

    "I lied about you."

    My face hurts. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, but nothing came out. I cannot yell any longer. I give up. I wanted to be with Poppy, I wanted to have true friends that even liked me.

    As I stared at the clear, blue sky, I tried to forget this day. About what happened between me and Ryan. But I could not help it. Bursting into tears, a rainbow magically appeared at the sky. Or was it my imagination? Continuing to gaze at the sight I had seen, I wondered what it feels like to have friends to be by your side. True friends. Like double rainbows that were rarely seen by people around the world. Thinking to myself, I wondered why these "double rainbows" are so occasional. Probably because all rainbows had trouble finding a friend that trusts them forever.

    Like me.