• At the bottom of the ditch, I remembered how it felt to have the freedom of the world. When desires flowed freely in the rivers of life, before they diverged and diluted.

    Life was wholesome and flourishing for me. Yet I worried still. Until the worry became too great and I fell from the light. Now there will be a new White Light Angel to fill my shoes.

    The power and responsibility that comes with the position is so liberating. So much kindness and morale being shared around every day. So much comfort that your anxieties reach beyond the horizon.

    The distrust and distorted views of the Gods that the people believe in these days breaks my heart. Surely, if they have empathy and understanding of other perspectives they must understand that what may seem like trickery to humans is merely another day's work to those of the Gods. Yet so much wisdom and awareness has been lost or twisted into something it was never meant to be.

    Do people ever wonder that a God who is so ancient, wise and experienced in all the deepest concepts in the universe could just look like an average every day, seemingly unimportant individual? If you have existed as a conscious and sentient being for so long, why would you even bother being invested in material wealth and status at all? Why even bother being invested in unique items unless they particularly interested you? A God could be as simple an individual as the merchant in basic clothes who went for a walk just to get a view of the river for a short while, to remind them of how much beauty lays in even the simplest of experiences and lives. We expect so much from the presence of Gods, yet what more do we expect from them than what it is they have supposedly created, which we live every single day?

    Why do we assume a god would be difficult to harm, or kill? A good god, whom loved and cared for their creations and people, would not parade themselves around in extravagant armour or with heavy guard. They would feel comfortable and right at home within their creation. They would walk around with the people, enjoying their company and doing no fighting or defending at all. Why should a god ever feel the need to defend themselves? I god would be so comfortable in knowing its own creation that they would live a very simple and quaint existence within it's own realm, casually enjoying themselves with the most humble of experiences. Why should a god ever feel threatened within it's own realm?

    Vulnerability is precious, but there is a great danger that is often overlooked. A vulnerable person who lacks wisdom and is ignorant can feel pushed to take advantage of others when in oppressive circumstances out of desperation. Too many people conflate this with “strength” and “weakness”, when truly, it has nothing to do with either. This is because what far too many fail to realize is that vulnerability is actually tremendously powerful.
    You see, the world is designed in such a great way that vulnerability is where we come from, where we end up, and where we are at the height of our greatness.
    What do people do when they are granted a tremendous power that they do not know how to control? That alone leads many to abuse of the power, but then combine that with oppressive circumstances and desperation? The individual channelling all of this untamed power very swiftly falls to ruin. Soon enough people believe that vulnerability itself is intrinsically corrupt. People are so oblivious to how powerful their own agency is, and how easily it can overcome and control vulnerability. Once that vulnerability is overcome, it is easily controlled and safe, and the power is never lost. If only I could realize that before I fell from the light.

    We humans have created a system that directs us so far away from our inner enlightenment that they forget even the most basic inner truths. Most of the time introspection is flat out discouraged in our world. Even raising that as a criticism leaves many to be skeptical unless you provide your own solution to the problem.

    You should not need to offer a solution to the system in order for your criticism of said system to be viewed as valid. Not only is that gaslighting but it also shifts the burden of responsibility away from those at the top who engineered this mess, placing all of the responsibility onto those most oppressed by the system instead.

    WE are not obligated to come up with solutions to problems we didn't cause. Nor do we have any obligation to help those that did. The ones responsible know full well who they are and what they did.
    They are displaying such irresponsibility and immaturity that it is appalling. They are literally attempting to place their responsibilities onto the shoulders of the people they used the system against just to avoid owning up to their failures and crimes. NONE of us should be having any of it. They want to punish the oppressed for what they themselves did to the oppressed.

    Punishment is an entirely useless concept. The guilt of atonement is a test enough of a person's true nature. Even if they do not atone, the innocent wills and desires that were buried beneath the evil intentions will be resurrected, and laid bare. This alone will destroy all the evil that was done, and bring justice to the victims of said evil. There is no need for voluntary punishing of any kind. Is wishing to inflict such wrath not a form of taking advantage of vulnerability? Those who succumb to evil desires are inherently vulnerable, but are so deluded and fearful that they believe they are above it, and therefore despise it. To wish to torment such an individual, no matter how heinous their crimes, is evil itself. Let them have the option to atone, and if they don't, the evil will destroy itself, and the original soul of the once innocent person will pass away to become a new life form. Punishment is completely unnecessary.

    There can be no happy, peaceful, or fulfilling life without introspection and self-regulation.

    “How interesting... You seem like a fair-headed one.”

    I opened my eyes. That voice was so vivid it gave me a jolt. I must have passed out. Standing over me was what must have been the newly appointed White Light Angel. She was a beautiful being, pure angel.

    “I have come to accompany you.” she said “I am here to guide you on your journey back to the light.”