• Page 1, Chapter 1

    User ImageVibrant rays of the morning sun painted his knife in an amber glow like a fire fueled by vengeance. He plunged the wavy edge downward into the throat of the executive kneeling before him. The man’s jugular was severed clean. Crimson blood, darkened in the shadow of early morning, gushed freely like water from a broken dam. The floodgates had opened and he would become a tsunami of vengeance, washing away the rot that had set itself upon the weak and defenseless. His rage would surf endless waves of blood until every last injustice was satisfied; until every debt was repaid.

    User ImageAn incalculable amount of life had already been extinguished for the wealth of the few. He knew it was too late. If only he had acted sooner, resisting the fear in his heart, perhaps he could have saved some innocent lives now extinguished for all eternity. In his despair and failure, he would seek justice through vengeance. The morality of it all was befuddled by the immense pain of his grief. His guilt allowed for nothing less than complete and total absolution.

    User ImageAs he gripped the knife still sunk into the neck of the finely-dressed executive, all he could think about was how cold the morning sun felt through the thick chemically-treated glass of the skyscraper in which he now found himself; how isolated he was from the natural world he sought desperately to protect. His heartbeat slowed to a minimal pace. Was he the one dying? He thought to himself as he closed his eyes. The executive’s arterial blood showered the room in spots thick with crimson.