• I get my schedule and find out that I have no classes with my bffaeitwwwau. I have classes with my other friends, but they basically kept with eachother. The main
    focus of this trimester was my band class. I had it fourth hour. So at fourth hour, I go there to see about 15 other high school students there. I sat and listened
    to the teacher tell us about how the bands were a little messed up. There are 3 band hours. This particular trimester, they really messed things up for one band.
    This one. The band that us highschoolers were put in was a band for the seventh graders mostly. It was something we were going to have to work around. We were going
    to have middle school lunch normally, but not that first day because we had already missed like, half of it. I had a friend in this class with me, but he wasn't one
    of my better friends. Having middle school lunch the whole time was difficult because I ate alone. The friends I would have eaten with had high school lunch, like
    they were supposed to. I hardly saw them, really, especially my bffaeitwwwau.
    In band, our teacher told us we would play one piece with all the different bands, along with music from the fourth hour band. So technically, we ended up playing 8
    pieces. The first piece we got was for the fourth hour band. It was called the Thunderer. It was an easy march that the now eighth graders and former seventh
    graders played. It was a very easy march.
    The second piece we got was called Fiesta De Los Bravos. It was the piece we were going to play with the 3rd hour band. It was a fairly quick march that didn't sound
    the same when it was just the fourth hour highschoolers as when it was us plus the 3rd hour band. It was fun, though, and again, easy.
    The third piece we got was for the fourth hour band high school players. This piece was a mix of the main tunes from the famous movie The Sound Of Music. That piece
    was fairly easy, though it had its hard parts.
    The fourth piece was the one we played with the second hour band. This piece was called Voices of the World. This piece was probably one of my favorites that I
    played because of the beautiful long part of it. It was very pretty. I think it helped me with my tone.
    The fifth piece was called Semper Fidelis, which is a level 2 book version of the real one. We combined this with the Thunderer by putting a little bit of drum in
    between the two pieces. I liked Semper Fidelis, though it was easy. It probably wasn't as easy for the seventh graders, though. I think they did good though.
    The sixth piece we got was Danny Boy, which was had long, pretty parts, which also would have helped my tone and also my phrasing.
    The seventh piece was Serengetti, which was probably the seventh graders' main piece, for it was the longest. I actually didn't like this piece as much because it
    mosty had middle notes for the clarinets, which I don't like playing as much as the really low or the really high notes. But it was still nice.
    The last piece was Take Me Out to the Ball Game, which was also the book version of the real thing. I enjoyed it because it had quite a few high notes.
    The high schoolers would (during class) go to a second seperate room and work on our high school pieces ourselves there. We actually did get a lot done for not having
    a teacher there to help us most the time. We could also get passes out of our 2nd or 3rd hour classes to go to go to the band at that hour and play with them. I
    ended up getting passes for both hours, the 2nd hour band about 2 weaks before the concert and the 3rd hour band about a week before the concert. I didn't really have
    any friends in the second hour band, and their music was REALLy hard, so the only thing I could really do there was play Voices of the World. I'd say I did fairly
    good with that. The 3rd hour band had 2 of my friends in it, and I thought that some of their music was easier than the 2nd hour band. I played Fiesta de los Bravos
    fine, and I'd say that I sightread their other pieces decently.
    We got band shells for a really decent deal. We got them practically new for an AMAZING price. What happened was the school we bought them from got them for $800 for
    each piece of shell. There were 8 pieces. The total was $6400, which was a really good deal itself. The guy over at that school who was selling them accidently said
    that there were 4 pieces, and when we went to pick them up, there ended up being 8. We got them for the same price he said the first time, though. The second good
    part of the deal was that the guy accidently thought that they had bought ALL of them for $800. We got there and found out that that was incorrect, but we still, after
    all of that, we got them for the $800! Plus, they looked brand new!
    At the concert, we had to devise a way to quickly move us fourth hour kids around. So, the first piece was our Sound of Music. The seventh graders were on stage with
    us, but they stayed nice and quiet. We moved to the front except for percussion. Then we moved people from the other rows back to where they belonged and played our
    Thunderer/Semper Fidelis mix. After that was Danny Boy, then Serengetti. The last piece for the full fourth hour band was Take me out to the Ball game, to end that
    part on a happy note. Then the seventh graders left, and the high schoolers stayed on stage, moving towards the edges as the 3rd hour band came on the stage. once
    we finally resituated, we played Fiesta de los Bravos. The fourth hour highschoolers (except one, who was playing their whole concert as well) left the stage. The
    3rd hour band finished and the 2nd hour band took the stage. They played their first two pieces, then the fourth hour highschoolers joined them for the last piece of
    the night, Voices of the World.
    That's all for Band.
    My first hour class was history, which was easy during class, but the homework was a pain, especially for someone like me, who is not good at reading quickly.
    My second hour class was English. This class was sort of on and off for me. At one moment I'd like it, another I'd hate it. I liked it more often than not, I'd say.
    We focused mainly on mythology, and read the Odyssey. We also took the Keirsey personality quiz. We used our results to find the Greek god/goddess most like us. I
    got Hades, which was cool to me. We wrote two poems on them (which I put in the arena, if you would like to read them). My teacher told me I should enter my poetry
    into contests.
    My third hour class was biology. I've never been good with science, so this wasn't neccesarily easy. We actually read a quite a bit, but we weren't given as much time
    as I would have liked. I managed to get through it, though. We learned about Sustainability, then cells. By the end of the cell unit, I really didn't understand what
    was being taught to me. I wish I had, though.
    My fifth hour band was Spanish. I think that I was the worst student in the class when before, I would normally be one of the best. The class was a level 3/level 4
    mix. It was difficult because I didn't know as much as most of the students.
    This tri for my grades were better than they had been since 5th grade. I had straight A's I think the whole time, or at least -A's.
    There were some hard parts of this trimester, but this is only the beginning. I'm so glad that it wasn't harder than it was!