• s it just me, or is everyone just given up? it seems the western culture has lost it natural stimuli to learn. To be free, to feel free is something beyond the capabilities of modern man. To build and gain with our own honest hands is nothing short of impossible. we seem to have lost our motivation to grow. to grasp at the unforseen. to live. I think this plays largely in the rising suicide rates among teens. That and weak minds constantly broken down by popular culture. At least now parents can see why it's so dangerous. the power of persuasion has the capabilities to completely screw you up if let it. I guess the saying rings true.
    "never be to open minded, you're brains could fall out" old people can't be trusted. they never figured out how to solve the problems of the world because they all walk the same path. I don't know about you, but I think I'll be happier broken, bleeding and exhausted when I reach the purely gates. So when they ask me why I didn't just take the path, after all, it lead to the same place. I can say, because this is my path, that I forged with my own two hands. I've climbed mountains, swam seas and hunted with wolves. We all walk through those gates in the end, but the journey to them is our own.