• « Hey ! Alex, wanna come with me ? I'd like to try to smoke Cigarette I want to know what it feels like » Alee said.
    « You're disgusting. Cigarette is gonna kill you! You know ?»
    « I don't give a dam. C'mon come with me fella ! » She said while her long black hairs were bouncing everywhere as she was jumping and running rounds.
    I always hated when people called me stupid names like that. I was treated of Emo, weirdo, freak, retard, and much more. But Fella was just the worst name ever to me.
    «Okay... » I said without any determination in my voice.

    We putted our coats, hats, scarf, and muffles and went out. I remember how everyone was hating her. She was hardcore punk, and everyone was hating her for this senseless stupid reason.
    She was wearing a big giantic black coat with a ''Misfit'' Skull behind it. And giant spike studs on her shoulders giving her a footballer look.

    And then, it was about to happen. I guess it was the most embarrassing moment of my freakin' life.
    I walked down stairs. They were made in hard rock. We were winter and there was alot of ice on it. And my boots were kind of cheap and it was easy to slip with these on.
    And that actually happened.

    As we were walking down, she started making waving her arms to her friends that were at the bus stop, at maybe 6 meters away. I guess they still could see us.

    As I was at the last stair, she pushed me with her arm by mistake, and I slept off the last stair and falled right in front of some random dude who wasn't smoking but just talking with his friends I guess.
    « What the hell are you okay ? » He said with a truely worried voice. Even tough this situation was stupid.
    I didn't had the time to notice his presence, and I just got up, but as I got up, my face almost touched his *dilidili* I even think it actually touched it.