• Hair of the color black floating with the wind
    Forgive me god, i think I have sinned
    Self esteem too low to go and earn her trust
    Shes just a beautiful stranger whom I lust

    Backpack draped over her left arm
    I follow her, but I don't mean any harm
    She's occupying my mind as I daze off
    Into my own world, where she looks so soft

    So carefree and innocent, not a bother in the world
    Walking stride for stride like a picture on a mural
    Then the unthinkable happens, I bump into her and panic
    My thoughts switch course, "What to say"?, so frantic

    "Im sorry, I wasnt paying attention, my name is Dan"
    I say in a quiet tone, thinking I should have just ran
    She turns around and smiles, her bright blue eyes gleaming
    We stared at each other, and I could have swore I was dreaming

    My throat gets dry, and I struggle to think
    "This is kind of awkward, but would you happen to have a drink?"
    "No, sorry. I just came out for a short walk. I do it for fun."
    "Well, if you have a few minutes, care to go have one?"

    This is a story of cupid in action
    As they walked towards the coffee shop with the power of attraction
    The average joe with the girl of his dreams
    Almost impossible it usually would seem

    But 36 months later the bells are ringing
    As the chapel is full, the orchestra is singing
    A simple lust turned into a lifelong marriage
    With both taking turns pushing the baby carriage

    Follow your dreams and dont hold back
    Never stop and consider what you lack
    And when in doubt, on this story you should dwell
    About this couple named Dan and Michelle