• One of the best Alluded to pieces of literature in Contemporary times is the Star Wars Saga by George Lucas. Of course this saga is adopted from Older pieces like Lord of The Rings and, more referred to, the Bible.
    Now some people may not see the relevance to the Bible but another check would make it all too apparent. For instance, the Description of Darth Maul is blindingly similar to the Devil, the red-skinned , horned man in black that opposes all forces of Good. Darth Maul is a perfect example of what may happen to one if he is seduced by evil, A.K.A: The Dark Side.
    Another Allusion to the Bible that happens to be hugely similar is Anakin Skywalker. This may seem as if there was no resemblance, but indeed is very important. Anakin is a boy raised by his mother and is believed to have no father. But if Anakin had no father that must mean thatno man impregnated his mother. This would almost appear to be a "virgin birth". Anakin is believed to be the "chosen one" and the savor to the Galactic Republic. This is way too similar to Jesus Christ.
    However, Anakin fails his trails to resist temptations to the Dark Side and becomes a tool of Emperor Palpatine (Satan) to control the Galaxy. This is where Anakin becomes different from Jesus, who resists temptations of evil countless times. But what almost comes out and smacks you in the face is the "the force".
    The force has two sides to it, the light side and the dark side. The light side is the power of God and the dark side is the will of evil. When Ben Kenobi tells Luke Skywalker in Episode IV (4) that the force "controls your actions" and "obeys your commands", the symbolism can be seen as Predetermined fate and interactions of a higher power. Also when the phrase "use the force" is dropped through out the saga it can be seen as making a leap of faith. Of course, neither the dark or light side of the force remain dominant or more powerful than the other. This would mean that one must choose between the power of God and the power of Evil when the occasion presents itself.
    When a man of the dark side is shown, they appear to be drained of their life, like they are being used as puppets of the dark side. This is similar to how Satan uses people to do his biddings and how one should avoid temptations of evil.
    One of life's biggest lessons can be seen in the Allusion to the Lord of The Rings. The similar acts can be seen when Obi-Wan fights Darth Vader in the end of Episode IV (4) and
    Gandalf fights the Balrog in the Mines of Moria. The heroes, Gandalf and Obi-Wan, can be seen fighting with Blue Melee weapons and the Villains, Darth Vader and the Balrog, with Red. During the fights the pupils of these heroes, Luke and Frodo, watch from a far. As both forces of good are stricken down by their enemies the pupils mourn for the fallen heroes. With no time for the pupils to avenge their teachers they are forced to leave. This act can be seen as sacrifices of the teachers aid to greater good. Obi-Wan scarifies to aid the take down of the empire and Gandalf to aid the destruction of the ring.