• blaugh In my school days i have learned that friends can be your best friend and then your enemy. i used to be a geek emo yes i know. here are some types of friends/enemys

    The Helpless - these types are where you are friends with this girl/boy and he is a girlfriend/boyfriend that dosen't like you. Now they are faced with a dision. Should i Stay with my girlfriend/boyfriend or should i stay with my bff/best bud. Most of the time the chosse their.......girlfriend/boyfriend. The reason why? they might of thought you wouldn't care. that is what happeneds almost every time.

    The Cheaters - these people think they can get in your mine to say that they will never harm you, but don't be fooled. one of the charteristics that a cheater might be is that they are to nice. that is only one reason.

    The Evil - these people don't care about you they care about ruining you life. they will try as much as possible to get into you and expose all of your secrets in the end.

    well thats all i have expereanced mabey you have more. Just to tell you i have experianced all and i am not done yet.