• As I look back on the day that has passed but not been forgotten his words echo in my mind and heart. "You're trying to be faithful? Well... That shall be difficult with me around..." Oh how they sting with the truth. I am cursed! My engagement will only fall through and my beloved Dante shall be left alone and hurt because I am trapped in servitude to a demon that only wishes to watch me fall. I shed tears not from the pain he has inflected on my body but from the pain in my heart. The pain of knowing I am going to hurt someone I love more than anymore on this big blue/green planet.
    Oh how I want nothing more than to be with my Dante and make a happy family but in the time it will take I fear that we won't make it that far. With my heartless and lustful Master yanking at my leash commanding to do unfaithful things I am going to be forced into cheating. I want to run! Run far away with my Dante so we can be together without the fear of someone trying to tear us apart.
    Oh god! Why can't I have love?! Why is it that when I find my happiness in someone that understands and loves me unconditionally he has to come and tear me apart?! With my last dying breath from ripping out my heart to end this writched cycle I say goodbte to love and all that I hold dear to it. I gave up and lay there allowing him to use me as he wills it. Though I know once my love is gone he will lose interest because I will devoted to him. Oh how this burns me. So I say this now before the day comes. So long love. I have stayed in your warm embrace for many years and now I leave you for the cold killing grip of lust and heartlessness.