• Why is it that no one can remember their birth? I'm not asking a biological question,
    just a hypothetical one. To hear about this great event from the most important person of the
    day would be a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, I am no miracle and so must start a few years
    later on the day of my fifth birthday.

    October thirty six, two-thousand-three, two twenty in the morning on Sunday is when my glorious fifth birthday started. As always, I woke up and went down stairs to start my usual Sunday morning. But, as I was going down stairs I saw about thirty people jump up and scream "Happy birthday!". As a five year old I did what was expected of me which is laugh, scream, and do a little oh you got me. Thirty minutes later I noticed there was a indescribable foul smell that lingered in the air. Once everybody else started to notice I saw my parents acting unusually specious. At the end of the party my mom was trying to rush all the quests out as fast as she could.

    Later that night I saw my dad and mom in black leather gloves carrying bags and buckets out the door that had the foul smell coming from it. I couldn't help myself to peer out and see what it was. I was shocked and confused to what I found in the bags and buckets with the gamy smell coming from it.

    It was two dead bodies that was decomposing and cut up into pieces. Full of shock my
    mind blurred into a daze that seemed as if I was suck in it for years, but in reality it was only
    about two minutes of unconscionable horror. "What are you doing!" my mom screamed as my dad run in after repeating what my mom said. They tried to tell me that it was only Halloween decorations, sadly, I didn't believe a word they said.