• So. It's August of 2009. Little did I know at the time that this would be the beginning be one of the most dramatic and degrading time of my life. This would be the year that I started high school. I would be a short, skinny thirteen year-old, who was less than social, and slightly "Scene". I can still remember the horror and dread that Monday mourning brought to my newly appointed "Freshman" self. Looking back, it's almost surreal; from the way my pillow felt, to the soggy texture of my cornflakes in mouth, I can remember everything. After eating, I grabbed my bag and walked to the end of my driveway to wait for the bus. After about ten minutes, it finally showed up, and I got on and sat in the back. I had to ride for another fifteen minutes while we picked up other students. And then, as we pulled up to the school, my heart dropped.

    I stepped off of the bus, hoping for a quiet, and quick day, only to immediately be greeted by the school "Corrections Officer", or in laymen's terms, the school pig. Other than that my day was pretty uneventful, I talked to some of my old friends, met some new a*****e teachers (of whom, little did I know, would proceed to look down on me and degrade me on a daily basis for the next four years), and got picked on by a couple of dickheads. The rest of my first year was as boring as watching grass grow. The only major event of this year was my evolution (Or is transition a more appropriate term?) from "Scene Kid" to "Stoner".

    My Sophomore year was more upbeat, consisting of good times with friends, the participation in getting high, and several arrests (Although perhaps those should be labeled as degrading and enraging instead of upbeat...). I would have to say that this was probably the most important and impacting year of my life so far. This was the year that I became an Atheist, the year that I started to stand up for others, the year that I changed from some skid who hated the world and everyone in it into an angry martyr. I can remember one instance, in which I was wrote up for calling a Christian student a "Stupid zombie Jew cult member". I can remember being so enraged at Christians and at Christianity. I can even remember getting so upset that I called the Westboro Baptist Church and made a death threat to Fred Phelps's daughter. To this day I still hate Christ with a burning, eviscerating passion.

    My Junior year was probably the most eventful of the trio, mostly involving a drug addiction, self rehabilitation, and civil disobedience. I must have bailed when the cops showed up on at least six different occasions. Last year I told three of my seven teachers to go f*ck themselves, and I spit in a pastors face. Why? I don't know, and it scares the living hell out of me. I am still haunted by the horrifying reality that I have absolutely no plans for my future, and it's awful. Couple that with the almost crippling mental disease known as depression, and throw in a fiery hatred of 85% (That's a rough estimation, don't patronize me.) of the people on Earth.

    School is where you go before you're handed over to society so that it can have it's way with you.