• My blood is rushing through my veins, giving me energy that I didn't have a few minutes ago. I can feel the anxiety and the excitement of everybody around me as we await the most amazing band on the planet. The body heat of others rubs onto me as we all jump around to a chorus of, "Sevenfold! Sevenfold!" They finally step up onto the stage, causing our screams to become louder. The noise echoes around the ballroom, filling it with more and more yelling.

    There is an overwhelming smell of weed coming from nearby. Along with that, I can smell the beer that covers most of the floor, as well as parts of my hair and back. Everyone around me is covered in hot, sticky sweat, some of it not their own. These smells combined are almost sickening, but in an odd way, they are eerily calming too.

    As soon as I see them, I feel a light twinge in my heart. I have been awaiting this day for months,and now its finally here. The colorful lights and fog swirl around them, making them appear even more god-like. The drunk girls around me are giggling like crazy, at something I imagine only they can hear. Smiling slightly, I turn back towards the stage, only to draw in a deep breath as I lock eyes with the left-handed rhythm guitarist.

    The steady beat of the bass is heard, though just barely. It's over powered by Zacky's rhythmic sound mixed with Brian's solos, all of which are amazing. How they come up with these, I wish I knew. Meanwhile, the Rev is hammering away at the drums, a lopsided grin on his face. Above all of this, you can hear the voices of everybody singing along with Matt. The voices mix together, creating a harmonious effect.

    Sadly, just everything else that is good, all things must end. I wearily trudge out of Cains, my legs only just now beginning to hurt. I am now stopped by a women who wants to take a picture of me and my two friends. She tells us that it is for the bands website, so we eagerly agreed. Afterwards, we all get in the car and wave good-bye to the wonderful haven, heading home towards pleasant dreams and memories.