• Just try it out

    There is a guy sitting at the table, looking at other people talking, discussing, arguing, sparkles in their eyes. But his heart is full of doubts. How can we pay respect to each other when arguing? How can we understand each other when being so different, all of us? Why should I do sports when only one can win? How can I make friends when nobody talks to me? Why shouldn’t I be selfish when others don’t care ‘bout me?
    A charming French girl turned and her face beamed at him, and under the influence of her singing voice he felt his heart melting.
    “I think we should do sports to make friends and pay respect to show others we want to understand their culture. What do you think?” she asks.
    “I think we should definitely try it out,” the boy says and the world becomes brighter.

    CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS - The Pursuit of Excellence

    The Olympic motto „Citius, Altius, Fortius“ sets a foundation for our journey in life and encourages us to be the best we can be. Clearly this does not mean the fastest, the highest or the strongest, but rather a measure of individual effort to improve on previous performances – faster, higher and stronger than we were before.
    If you don’t have any aspirations; anything to work towards, and therefore anything to struggle against, you will have no purpose. The journey towards your goal – and the knowledge necessary to improve upon targets you have set – is more important than the destination.
    While Citius, Altius, Fortius encourages individuals to become better, it will ultimately influence others collectively to strive for excellence. Unity behind human endeavor will push the boundaries of what we can achieve.
    Athletes should use the pressure of spectators, sponsors, the media, and supporters as a motivator for their performance. In other words, get in the „zone“, and think like a champion.
    Adversity puts sport and our efforts to achieve into perspective. Believe in yourself and learn from the challenges which confront you. Turn negative thoughts into positives, and the victory will be sweeter. Support from friends, and surrounding yourself with positive people can help you cope with difficult situations.
    The Olympic values – joy of effort, fair play, respect for others, pursuit of excellence, and balance between body, will and mind – can prepare you for future challenges in life -
    “Citius“ – I enjoy further education, solving problems,
    “Altius“ – I can improve, I aim to be better,
    “Fortius“ – nothing gets me down, I have the strength to endure.