• To start, I feel like I have to quote some very important and well known words from our papers of freedom: The Constitution. “All men are created equal.” Now, people back when these words were written were sort of sexist, and racist. Truth is, 200-something years ago, the only people that had any real rights were white men. That is seriously messed up. That is why I proposed to change it to: All beings are created equal. You know, in case there is other intelligent life out there. Plan ahead, right?
    Anyways, all people are the same. We breathe the same air, drink the same water, and walk the same Earth. We are all one race, human. So, why shouldn’t we treat everyone the same? If you see a homeless guy in the street, don’t tell him off or not give him money because you think he will spend it on drugs or alcohol. Stand him up and take him somewhere they can help him. It may just save the poor guys life. To help illustrate my point, I think I will write about something I have helped with for a good few years now.
    Twice a year, two churches in my community, come together for an event called the Midnight Run. We collect toiletries and clothing in boxes and bags, starting at 7 pm and working for a few hours. We make brown bags with a sandwich, juice, a piece of fruit and a snack. At about 10 pm, we pack everything into a truck and most of us head home. Everyone that is, except the runners. We always do it on a Friday, leaving the parking lot of the church at 10:30. Driving 45 minutes to the city, we stop at a planned place, set up the food, open boxes, and wait. And then the people come.
    Homeless people from nearby who were told we would be arriving. They come to talk, to stay warm, to eat and get clothes. They come for soap, toothpaste, and most of all conversation. These people are usually lonely, some young, some are older. None of them are ever too mean. We give out warm coffee and hot chocolate, and then we move onto the next stop. We do this for a few hours, grabbing a little sleep in between stops. After we run out of things to give, we go home with a feeling of accomplishment.
    Looking back the next day, you realize, it wasn’t just one type of person. It was lots of different types of people. They were of different colors and different background, all with similar problems, gathering in the same place to fix them. They were still human, and they still want companionship.
    All people need respect and friends. Just because someone is a different race, religion, or gender, just because they may be less fortunate, every one is the same. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that, even if you feel worlds apart, everyone is close to you.
    All beings are created equal.
    This I believe.