• How I would Improve 4Kids
    By Juliusanime

    Hello, my name is Julius and I welcome you to my first episode of "How I would Improve [Add subject/name/etc here]. I am delighted to ask you viewers to please keep reading this for I am going to talk about a company known as 4Kids...alternative names might be 4$, 4sh*t, 4ballz, etc.

    4Kids is a anime dubbing company that has its head quarters in New York City . Now 4Kids' first anime was Pokemon, that one series that is mostly based on monsters beating the crap out of each other with a trainer that is 10 years old and has no adult super vision. Anyways, due to Pokemon's popularity here in the United States, 4Kids quickly started to sell products like bouncy rubber ball toys that kill kids and T-shirts that will most likely end up in a yard sale.

    4Kids eventually made enough money to dub other anime series like Yu-Gi-Yo, Tokyo Mew Mew, Kirby, Sonic X, One Piece, and etc.

    Now that I explained what 4Kids is, it's time for me to list a couple of things I would do in order to improve 4Kids...

    1: Anime is not always for kids, 4Kids.

    Most of the animes 4kids get their dirty hands on are not always suitable for the little ones. Animes like One Piece have tons of blood, mentionings of death, beer and wine, cigarettes, fan service, and etc.

    Now you would think 4Kids would not dub a anime like One Piece, right? Well you are unfourtunetly wrong since 4Kids just wants to edit tons of scenes, rename attacks, change the plot of the anime, and other rediclious stuff. 4Kids mostly treats their viewers, which are kids, like idiots or in other words, babies. What I mean is that most of their anime dubs are geared towards kids around 6 or so. What's wrong with getting the shows to a TV-Y7 rating or higher than that?

    I have a solution, do NOT buy a licence to a anime that has tons of blood, lots of violence, fan service, and etc. If it is a cartoon like the Winx Club and there was already a dub for it, use that dub insted of redubbing it and doing a bad job on it. No more Shadow Relms, 4Kids.

    2: Fire Al KAAAAAAHN!

    Alfred Kahn, the guy who's in charge of 4Kids. Al Kahn has to be the most idiotic person in the anime dubbing industry. Kahn believes that Manga causes children not to read since children can't read, BS! If children can't read and you, Al Kahn, say they are online more, have you figured out that the Internet requires some reading knowledge?

    Al Kahn also believes that manga is "over" in Japan. In one speech, AL Kahn says this, "Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and DragonBall Z have really sustained. But what’s new? What can we point to in the last 10 years?... In merchandising especially. That’s the problem… For us if the merchandise is not going to work, there’s no point.", Al Kahn is mostly focused on merchandising a anime series. That's why there was a Sonic X LeapFrog game...I am NOT joking, there really is a Sonic X LeapFrog game and don't forget Sonic toys in McFat-AHEM...I meant McDonalds.

    I believe Al Kahn shouldn't run 4kids if he is so caught up on merchandising a anime and just wants to crap all over something artistic, resulting anime fans going Berzerk. Fire Al Kahn!

    3: Hire someone who understands the series!

    One of the Producers of the dub version of Sonic X said quote, "I've never played the game, seen the series or read the comics.", unquote...now obviously there is a problem with this. Not knowing about the anime and dubbing it is like making a WWII Movie but not knowing about it.

    If the guy were to take some time to understand the series better, they will be able to understand the characters and the games.

    4: Keep it in! Don't lie to us!

    "Nothing Beats a Jelly Filled Doughnut!" Brock delightfully yelled to himself as he started to bite in to the white...triangle shaped...doughnu-what the heck?! THAT'S NOT A DOUGHNUT!

    4Kids seems to think that if kids don't know what rice balls are or what the written Japanese language looks like, they must hide it or erase every evidence of it. Well DUR, thats why you show it on TV so kids CAN understand what it is.

    Well, I guess this ends my first episode of "How I Would Improve [Whatever]". I hope you enjoyed and seya!