• Love. It's such a simple, four letter word. However, it can mean so much. It can make you feel so at peace or like an emotional wreck. Sometimes it can be complicated and filled with problems and walls. Most of all love is not just a simple four letter word, it is an emotion.
    Many of us know what love is. Many of us have had love. And many of us have lost love before.
    Knowing what love is can be the best feeling in the world. Having love can bring you eternal happiness. But losing love can be wrecking and it can even break you down to tears.

    Everyone that has had love or knows what love is has truly been blessed. To feel such a strong and compelling emotion. Love is something we all yearn for deep inside. We all want to feel loved, to feel wanted, to feel special. It's only natural to want something such as love. But we all must be careful. Love can sometimes be a powerful and painful. Yet we still want to hold it and possess it. We know the possible outcome but overlook it. Just to have it and escape reality no matter how short our escape may be.
    With love we feel unexplainable. When you love another you want to be by their side for eternity. You feel as if you are on top of the world. You feel so content. No matter what happens you know inside that you will always love that person. You know that you not only know what love you, but you genuinely feel it inside. Only when you genuinely feel it you know that you never want to let that someone go. You know that even if things go sour you can patch them up. You know that when it comes to leaving you will still harbor the love you had for them. You know in your mind that no matter what they do to you your feelings for them will never change. You know that they are the only one for you and you only want them. Though it sounds selfish it can’t be helped sometimes when you feel like you’ve met the one for you.
    Even if you are turned into an emotional wreck you will always have faith that the ties you and your someone share will be mended. You know that you will patch things up and get everything up and running again. This is only true, in my opinion, if the bond you share with your special someone is strong. If it is indeed then no matter how many disagreements you go through, you will always make up. When love is this strong it will overcome any and every obstacle that gets in the way. No matter if it's distance, age, religion, or anything else. Nothing can stand up again love if it is meant to be. And at the end of the day you can look to the one you hold near and dear and tell them from the bottom of your heart, “I love you” before warmly embracing them.