• Blood pulsed through my veins, loud and clear, as I felt the fury in my raging body. The fury was unlike any other, an unleashed animal storming throughout my being, slamming against its cage of ribs and muscle and flesh. They'd released me, released me into this new skeletal figure with which I'd been hidden inside for months. The darkness had now become light. The shadows had now become beams of sun. Putrid.

    It had been a long time since I'd been allowed to live again. A long time since I'd been allowed to experience this cage of human flesh. A, painfully, dreadful long time since I'd been able to destroy it, to crush it beneath these fresh, nimble fingers.

    Manic laughter filled the room. It was my own. Arms slashed and ripped at the shirt on my chest. They were mine as well. Newly, soon to be no longer there. I would enjoy it all as it lasted.

    A phone rang. I held myself back from smashing the receiver against the wall. I found incredible strength in this form. I'd forgotten how extravagant this... living, could be. Ah.... life. This so-called "haven" that encased the many figures of this world. I was tied to the body of a weak boy. An insufficient little being. Even without him, I could tell that life was worthless. I'd prefer hell if that option was open.

    Instead, I was forced to see through the eyes of this boy. The dirty, cloudy eyes of a human. A fifteen year old who believed himself to be insane. Of course, he was what he thought. I'd made him that way. Life was nothing without pain. I enjoyed his suffering.

    I peeled myself from the wall and fell to the ground on my hands and knees, slamming onto the floor as hard as I could, ripping my new, fleshy hand against the edge of the metal box sitting beside me. I was numb to the pain by now. It was nothing more than a tickle. But he wasn't. He would feel my actions when he awoke again. It was what I wanted. After all, every action has a reaction. A consequence, if you please. I was but repaying him for what he did. I was his consequence. I was his creation.