• biggrin
    Well, after she betrayed me, I tried to make friends, and it's a good idea!
    I'm now have a lotsa friends and I have many good friends, too!!
    I'm so glad and I felt relieved! I hope my friends can help me!
    And if you read it and feel that my grammar is bad, please comment me and if you want to help me in writing story, I'll be sooooooo happy!
    Well, I'm now had a good friends at school, but I also had bad friends. Um, bad friends don't meant that they're my enemies. They're just my friends, too but they doesn't seems like me and I ddon't very like them because sometimes they hid something from me and they don't want me to join their conversation... sad Sometimes, I'm very sad when they rejected me, when they talking the bad sides of people that they hate... When they lied to me...
    They also looked very envy to me. I don't know why, I think I've been tried to be a good person but sometimes they're the one who start making a fight with me first...
    That's why sometimes I don't want to go to the school but I knew that it's bad so I must think the good sides of school, well, there are still good persons and funny lessons...
    ANd at this gaia, I never felt that sadness before... ( Horrrayyy! For gaia, for the net!!! ) confused
    I'm enjoyed playing gaia and join the fun without any loneliness again!
    Special thanks to : My good friends, my friends, my brother, my cousins, my family, my best friends, my imagination, my mind.
    But, especially to.... YOU!!!