• Character
    Character as we all know is one the biggest things that affects the world it is because of character why everything good or bad happens it is people’s actions that determine who they truly are behind their mask in which they hide it is their actions that leads them there to their destiny.

    Those actions later on become habits which they can’t stop unless they change their thoughts their mask is made up of five things that determine their destiny each is divided into equal parts, there are stages from which their character is made the first is thought it is a powerful thing, you would think how something this little can change my whole world but it can because thought will make you say things, those things can be either good or bad.

    Second there is Words, your thoughts turn in to words which you will use sometimes, they can change your life and another’s life. Sticks and stones may break bones but words can also hurt, words are things that can change, raise or hurt someone’s emotions and emotions are very delicate.

    The third thing that affects their mask is their Actions their words turn into their actions, their actions are things they do to help or hurt someone, actions can be very dangerous life threatening or very helpful life saving.

    The fourth thing is Habits, habits are actions which you are used to doing, those habits can be like I said before for actions very dangerous life threatening or very helpful life saving.

    The fifth and final thing is Character it is made up of all those items of life and those items of life are you, you are the one that makes your character in this life.

    The items of life are a very critical items they make a very important item in this world, and that item is you.

    My Father told me something I will always remember

    Watch your thoughts, they become words
    Watch your words, they become actions
    Watch your actions, they become habits
    Watch your habits, they become character
    Watch your character, it becomes your