• I walked down the hall, the black case of my Trumpet beating rhythemically against my hip, my shoulder-length blonde hair swaying back and forth with each ster and my pale green-gray eyes scanning the empty halls. I opened the door to the outside and shivered slightly, I had to walk to the Highschool band room in the middle of the snow 'rediculous' I thought to myself 'they should at least have a bus or soemthing waiting for us'

    "NIKKI!" I was suddlenly jolted out of my thoughts by my best friend, Sam, calling me to wait for her. Sam was my best friend and she was the most like me in our little group of friends. She was younger than me but she was way taller, her mind is still a mistery to me but I am determined to unlock her psychie one day. "C'mon! I know you can hear me!" she said again. I stopped briefly so she and the other middleschool band students could catch up.

    Suddenly I was almost knocked over into the snow by my other friend Shae. "Nikki, you're awesome!" She said in a cooing voice. Shae was friends with almost everybody, she had an outgoing personality and she was the almost opposite of me.

    As we began our long trek through the snow to the highschool, we began to joke around laugh. I paused until I got to the back of the crowd I picked up a good sized snowball in my pale, gloveless hand and threw it at the back of Sam's head, bullseye. Although I don't know if that was a good thing or not... Sam immediatly whipped around furious, she picked up a huge sowball and threw it right in my face with enough force to make me fall backwards into the snow covered concrete. "Geeze, Sam, d'joo hit me hard enogh?" I asked sarcastically. "No" She said back, I think she was serious. Another thing you need to know about Sam is that she is very sensitive and short tempered, she gets mad very easily.

    As I got up and started to dust the snow from my face I all of a sudden felt a light tap on my butt. I squeaked shrilly and turned around to beat the living crap outta whoever did that until I saw who it was. It was only my boyfriend Zack, laughing his weird laugh that I could never get enough of.

    "You gotta warn me before you do things like that." I complained.

    "Yeah, but then I wouldn't get to hear that cute sqeak of yours, now would I?" He replied smugly.