1. As a communist you will be equal to every member of our communist society

    2. Because you are equal to everyone else in everyway according to us, you will be paid the same amount of money for a job that a construction worker job this is regardless of what job you have, For example if you were a doctor you would be earning the same amount of money as a lunch lady at a public school.

    3. As a communist goverment, we lift the burden of hard decision making from you, so you dont have to worry about making decisions that can effect you daily.

    4. You will also be giving rations of toilet paper in equal amount, for example if you had 3 kids you will receive the same amount of toilet paper as a single man.

    5. Being the great communistic government that we are, we can give you the freedom of having no money, thats right no stress for you! we have all the money and we decide who gets money and who doesnt.

    Sounds great eh? well a communist country basicaly beleives that everyone is equal no matter what this includes money. The government controls who gets money and who doesnt, the government is in control of everything. They beleive in a utopian society which is obscene for there could never be a society that doesnt have rich people and poor people. Everyone in a communist society will earn the same amount of money regardless of who works harder.