• Greetings brethren, I know you do not know me, but God knows me and Christ knows me. Some may know me, but I give my greeting to all friend and stranger alike. I feel the need to pass on this message to you all, and I hope you will pass it on to others in kind.

    In this world, money, sex, entertainment, and other worldly pleasures control the lives of humanity. How many people stop and give thought to God, or to Jesus? The answer is only a handful. So many souls are lost to sin, and to those of you reading this who have not accepted Christ as your savior I encourage you read on.

    Let us stop and examine the situation before we go on. We all know the world did not always exist, we know it exists now, and we know it will not exist forever. We also know everything got here at some point in history. This is pretty much all Christians and non-Christians agree on, the details are where everyone is divided into two parts. Now that we see the point where opinions split, lets start at the beginning of the world.

    Genesis states that ‘in the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth’. That is pretty much strait forward, no hidden secrets no in between the lines junk. Science, however, states that the universe was created by the explosion of a small mass of energy and matter about the size of a pinpoint and that over millions of years that energy and matter converged to form planets, stars, and moons. This is not so clear, nor is it particularly accurate. Think about it. What are the odds of energy and matter ‘accidentally’ coming together and forming mass complex forms on which life can be supported? Try four trillion to one. Actually that’s an understatement, the odds pretty much are impossible.

    Many people have a hard time believing in God, is because it is taught that God always existed. Yet the same people have no trouble believing that energy and atoms always existed. That doesn’t make sense. When I talk about God my friends often ask, “Where did God come from?” Or they mention the Big Bang. When I ask where all the source material that made the universe came from they insist it was always there. To answer there question I say God was always there. I usually get a funny a look and a “That’s impossible.” If that’s true then how is it possible for atoms and energy to have always existed? It’s not.

    So, now that we have the basics of that argument out of the way, lets go deeper. Scientists have said they have proof that the Big Bang is more than a theory that it is fact proven by scientific analysis. I have yet to find conclusive evidence to support that claim. All I found were rumors that scientists had looked through a telescope at a star and following the light they had been able to look back in time at the Big Bang. To me that sounds kind of shaky. To prove the rumor false let me give you an analogy. Say time is like the slope of a mountain, and the universe is an avalanche moving down the slope. The summit of the mountain is the beginning. As the avalanche moves down the mountain you can look back and see where it was before, but you cannot see what started it. Another analogy would be a pebble in a pond creates ripples. If you look to the source of the ripples you can see it began there, but not how it began. Look at these analogies, overtime something starts something made it happen, it didn’t just spontaneously happen. It wasn’t an accident; it was made to happen.

    Now think on this, the analogies I gave depict our universe as it is and how it started. Something happened to start the avalanche; a pebble was thrown into the water to start the ripples. Okay, so the pinpoint of matter and energy exploded to start everything. At least that is what scientists say. How did it explode, what caused it? Science states that we cannot destroy matter or energy, since both are made of atoms then that means that the number of atoms in the universe is constant and never changes. If that is true then the pressure on the inside of the pinpoint was always the same, never changing to a greater or lesser pressure. For an object to explode the inner pressure must be greater than the outer pressure. I have just used logic and science to throw out the Big Bang theory. Yet, some may say an outside force could have caused the thing to go boom. How? What? According to science everything in the universe was inside that little pinpoint ball.

    Now onto God. Everyone has heard that God is all powerful, right? Surely an all-powerful being would have no problem creating a universe. The universe was made from nothing, right? Science would say otherwise, but it seems it can only disprove itself at this point. What the bible says is true, there was nothing before God created the universe. Maybe that little pinpoint was there and God decided to pop it and make everything. I don’t think so but that is my opinion. So for the sake of argument lets say God popped the pinpoint, this does not disprove the something out of something for there was no universe before the He popped the pinpoint. Yet, the bible says God created everything from nothing, so atoms are included in that distinct saying. So how then did God exist before everything else. The bible answers that in John 4:24 “God is a spirit...” A spirit has no material form that can be defined by a collection of atoms.

    Now before we continue on with this discussion on the creation, lets sidetrack for a moment and talk more on the bible. Many would discredit the bible because men wrote all the books, but where did all this knowledge come from. If you look at the bible you’ll realize that most of the scriptures depict instructions on things that no one could imagine. Take God for example. No other religion has one perfect, absolute all-powerful and all-knowing God that is anywhere and everywhere all the time. It is impossible for a finite human mind to comprehend let alone imagine the possibility of such an awesome being as infinite as God is. Take the Greeks, or Egyptians who have many gods with many different purposes and powers but not one is all-powerful or perfect. Cronos, the father of the Greek gods and goddesses feared of being overthrown by one of his children, so he ate them. Fear is not part of a perfect God. I know some say “What about Islam, or Judaism?” Don’t confuse Allah with God, they are not the same. Remember in Genesis that God promised Abraham a son by Sarah, who was passed child bearing age. If you don’t know the story find a bible it’s in Genesis 17: 15-19. (Note: Abram and Abraham are the same person. Abram changed his name to Abraham. Sarah his wife also changed her name and was once called Sarai.) Now Abraham had a son by Hagar, Sarah’s handmaiden, and this son was called Ishmael.

    Ishmael was not the prophesied son, but God promised a nation would be made out of him Genesis 17: 20. The boy and his mother were cast out after mocking Isaac, the prophesied son, Genesis 21: 9-21. Now history tells us that Ishmael was the father of twelve princes, he was also the father of the Arabs. And Allah is the god of the Arabic people. Looking at a History of Islam, A feature done by the History Channel, Muhammad the prophet was over come by a spirit that oppressed him and squeezed him, commanding him to recite. This shows that Allah and God are not the same.

    Judaism shares the same God, but the Jews follow only the Old Testament, believing Messiah has not come yet. But enough on that. The bible explains a lot about God, about his will and his plan. It in itself is also proof of an infinite all-powerfull all-knowing God because no finite mind could imagine such a God. Ishmael was raised part of his life in Abraham’s household and therefore knew of God. Over time Gods image could have been perverted into Allah, a distant god that demanded worship but refused personal relationships with his people.

    Now that we sidetracked, let’s get back to the creation. Instead of going through everything God created let’s move on to the living creatures. Genesis 1: 20-31 depicts God creating creatures of the water, of the air, of the earth, and then man. Living creatures are very complicated organisms, man the most complex of all and even now very little is known about them or us. If you watch animals and people you’ll find that they fallow specific patterns. Looking at their biological structure you’ll find its more complex than anything else on the planet. Humans are the most complex of all. Think about it, we have the ability to make choices, think rationally and implement our thoughts. We do not survive on instinct, but logical thinking. We build and create things around us. We made a way for us to tell time, developed writing systems, language, math, science and many other things. Only humans are capable of making art, no other creature on the face of the earth can do that. Is it all an accident? No, it did not happen by chance. It is truly impossible for human kind or any life to have formed by accident.

    Now I know of the theory of evolution. It states that after the worlds surface cooled and became capable of sustaining life micro organisms in the oceans combine creating living organisms that over millions of years evolved into larger more complex creatures etc. Where is the proof? In DNA? So what if humans or genetically similar to primates? And what about it taking millions of years for life to sprout up on the Earth. In Genesis God does not leave a gap between the creation of land water and everything before to when he created life. Now scientists say the world is some billions of years old. I don’t buy it and here is why. They are going by layers of the Earth’s crust, and carbon dating. The bible tells of a flood that covered the Earth: Genesis 6:1- 8:19. A worldwide flood would cause massive geological changes, causing millions of years of erosion to happen in days. I wonder if that would affect carbon dating as well. Now think about this, Genesis was written before people started taking a scientific approach to things, in fact the whole bible was written before then. It provides an answer to questions that hadn’t even been asked yet. Why? God included these answers because he wanted humanity to know history as it was. He wanted people to have answers to those questions. The fact that these answers were placed in beforehand is only proof of God. A finite human mind would not consider the possibility of scientists and archeologists asking these questions. Where did the earth come from? How old is it? Why are there so many layers? How did life get here? Humans don’t think of everything, but God does. Remember Albert Einstein said God doesn’t play dice.

    I hope this has all lead to proof of Gods existence to those of you that didn’t believe or are on the fence line. This message was mainly on proving Gods existence not by seeing Him, but by seeing what He has done. Most of God has to be taken on faith which Hebrews 11:1 states “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Don’t turn God away because you can’t see Him, remember we can’t see air yet its existence is not any less because of it. God is love, and he loves all of us. He sent Jesus to us so that we can be with Him. If you are not saved but this article has convinced you of Gods existence then accept Christ as your savior today, and become one of Gods children. Remember that if God is real Christ is also real because Jesus and God are one and the same, they are both God. That is hard to understand, but keep in mind that God is infinite and perfect yet we are finite, we may not comprehend everything of God but that doesn’t make it any less true. Now if you wish to be saved pray this prayer.

    Lord Jesus, I believe in God and I know he loves me. I know I am a sinner and need forgiveness. I ask that you forgive me my sins, I know you died for me and rose again on the third day so my sins could be forgiven. I ask for that forgiveness and for a place in your kingdom forever. I pray you help me and guide me, Amen.

    We are all sinners. We lie, we cheat, we steal, we murder, we lust, we hate, we hurt others, we are selfish, we commit adultery, we covet what is not ours, we use bad language, etc. Sin is all of that and more, and God judges all sin the same. Why? Go back to the pond analogy. Say the pebble is the first sin, when Eve ate the apple, and the pond is the world and time. When the pebble hit the water the sin spread outward infecting Adam, then Cain who murdered Abel and so on. Sin infected the world like a disease, and God knew that as soon as Eve sinned the world was doomed. Eve’s sin was disobedience of God, without that sin no other sin would exist. This is why God judges murderers and liars just the same. All sinners are worthy of death and hell, but Christ came to save us. You see when Eve sinned God had two choices, destroy all His creations, or work to save them. He chose to save us, through his son Jesus Christ because he loved us. John 3:16. So pray the prayer I gave you, God loves you and wants to be with you. If you still do not believe then I encourage you to keep reading these articles. If the Lord wills it I will keep writing them, he inspired me to write this one. Love and peace to you all.