• HIDE!! I thought. I looked around and spotted the closet. “Dang it I was so close” I muttered to my self. Then I herd Mrs Digbe say mutter “Poor girl when will she find out about how her parents died” I felt something wet streaming down my pale face. I all of a sudden it hit me that she was talking about me, about my parents. Then I felt that I was about to sob.
    I felt a hand cover my mouth as i was about to sob. He leaned and whispered in my ear “shh its okay” he paused then said “Please don't cry”. I looked at the person in the corner of my eye. All of a sudden I reliesed who the person was. It was the other loner.
    As soon as I herd the sound of the door closing and the squeak of the lock “no wonder I didn't reckiniseod your voice” . “Hey do you whant to be friends?” I asked. He started to giggle “Of coures” he said in burst of giggles.