• Demi and selena are new students in school they had the hardest life they had these special powers no one knew about but once they tell someone the person would die the next day.They try all their life to not tell anyone but wat if a mirical happens???? find out now!!!!!

    Demi and selena walk in the school
    demi-*hear some girls from across the hall talking about them*
    selena-i hear
    demi-that's cuz u*whisperse*read minds*stops whispering*
    selena-*whispers*well u have fire, .see the future,speed,and healing*stops whispering*
    demi-*whispers*well u have water,speed,telapathic,and see the future*stops whispering*
    aj-hey ur the new kids right?
    demi-yeah y?
    aj-starts laughing*ur get up is sooo horrible have u looked in the mirrow lately?
    demi-well i-
    miley-hold up r u trying to talk back to us?
    miley-rule # 1 never talk back to us!
    aj- rule # 2 u stay out of our way got it!
    miley and aj-good!*storm off*
    everyone-8start laughing*
    selena-we should just go home
    demi-yeah lets just go*see's the future*
    ~~~~The future~~~~~~~~
    denario-their in this school
    artemis-ahh i see demi and selena are trying to be normal kids
    migro-let's grab them and go
    denario-ok now!*they run*
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Present Day~~~~~~~
    selena-LET'S GO!!!!!!
    both-*run trying to find a way out of school*
    joe-*bumps into demi*i'm really sorry
    demi-yeah yeah yeah i need to go
    denario and the clan-*jump through the windows*
    demi and selena-*hide in the crowded hallway*
    kevin-are u guys ok?
    demi-yeah were fine
    nick-u sure?
    migro=THERE THEY ARE!!!
    demi and selena-*turn back terified* and run away*
    jb-WAIT!*run after them*
    @ the parking lot
    demi-ok we need a ride
    kevin-u got it where?
    selena-the forest
    nick-ok get in
    @ the forest
    demi and selena-*hop off*
    joe-ok wat's going on?
    demi-we'll explain l8r
    selena-we will?
    demi-*thinks -NO!*
    demi and selena-*finally lok at them and think:whoa their sooo hot*
    jb-*think:their cute!!!!*
    demi-umm i -
    denario-demi selena!!!!!!!!!
    demi and selena-WELL SEE U IN SCHOOL!!!!!!*run away*
    What Will happen next? will they meet again?Find out in the next jemi/kemi/nelena story!