• Friday. I was walking home from school with my best friend, Kate. We were neighbors so we always walk home together. We're already 9th graders in GNHS, yet we still remember a lot that happened in the past. We enjoyed everything together in the past, except one and that made me remember the worst part. While walking home, a letter fell from Kate's bag. Kate! Your bag's open. Your items are falling. I hurriedly helped her while she quickly got the piece of paper. She looked at it and crumpled it. Why? Why'd you crumple it, Kate? Kate just got mad and said You don't wanna know. As Kate ran home, leaving me in the corner, I picked up the piece of paper. It was the love letter, a guy Kate dated once wrote. I generally walked home slowly, as I passed by Kate's house and open the gate. I wanted to call her but I was afraid she might not reply back.

    In the afternoon, I decided to go to Kate's house. I first called by the gate. Kate! Are you there? Her mother got out of the house and said Oh, Casey, Kate's in here. She's taking a shower. Just wait. Mrs. Gomez led me inside the house. Of course, I know the ups and downs of the house because I have been there many times. I sat on the chair near the door, with the cat next beside me. I dusted my skirt as I waited for Kate to come out.

    After a few minutes, I heard Kate come down the stairs. Kate, about what I asked before. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Kate just sat next to me with her hair still wet. Well, it's okay. We then talked about what happened that was bad about Kate.

    March 31, 6:30 In The Morning: 8TH GRADE

    Me and Kate walked to school together. We were happily exchanging stories about the test yesterday. It was super hard! Especially Math! I wasn't really enjoying Math, so Kate tutored me. As we approached the gate of the school, a bicycle gang passed by and a boy almost ran over Kate like a pizza dough. AHH! the boy and Kate shouted. But to my relief, Kate just fell down with the boy. Ouch! Kate shouted. Well, I'm really sorry. I wasn't looking. the boy quickly helped Kate up. Well, it's alright. Hey, my name's Kate by the way Kate held out her hand for the boy to shake it. Nice to meet you. The name's Novert James Lim. I'm an 8th grader. How about you? Kate heard the bell ring and said Gotta go! Come on Casey!

    We both ran all the way to our classroom only to find out that it was closed. Guess we don't have classes. I stated while Kate shouted with joy. While jumping up and down, Novert bumped unto her. Oh, I'm really sorry, again. Novert apologized. Kate just brushed her dress and said Well, I'm an 8th grader, too. Well, we don't have school, so, you wanna come with us?
    Novert wasn't sure but he just followed us.

    In Kate's house, we ate cookies and drank some juice. Novert then thanked Kate as he rode off. I began to worry about something. I just thanked her as well and went off.

    After a few days, Kate didn't call me like she did everyday. She didn't show up for our friend week-a-versary. She didn't even attend Math Class. While going home, I saw Kate with Novert. They were so cute together, though I doubt that Novert was nice. It seemed he was suspicious. Once, I saw Novert with Kate, but was it really Kate? It looked like someone different.

    In a moment, Kate saw me and ran up to me. She held my hands and said that she and Novert were dating. But I was shocked. They just met a week ago. What happened lately? I grabbed her hand and then went to a secret place. I shook her. WHY? IT'S JUST A WEEK! YOU'RE DATING SOMEONE YOU DON'T KNOW PERSONALLY! Kate just ran away from me and never noticed me again.

    It didn't last long. As soon as the 5 weeks I've been waiting were up, she ran back to me crying. She said she was a jerk for dating Novert. It turned out Novert was a playboy. He dated different girls besides Kate.

    The flashback ended as Kate closed it saying to me Don't be a jerk like me. No boys between us! As we went outside I quickly ran outside as I bumped onto a guy rollerskating. I replied with a "Hello" while Kate held my hand angrily and pulled me away from him.