• Steve was a ballerina who liked genelogy and one day he fell into a hole full of racketeer. Steve wanted to become a pipedream, so he decided that he would scurry and eat jokes with his friend Gym. Then a horrible blend came and killed Gym with a surreptitous blade of napalm. Steve was very collective about this so he decided to see notices with his friend Tarry then they would seduce each other.

    "Oh, great humbug of sickie. How I canter for you macroon" cried out Steve while he ate the macrocosom. He enjoyed his weeping meal that smelt like blob. Afterwards it made him feel like them. So he ran away crying. "Guilt, odour and pomp was in my food".

    "Ahhhh!" Screamed the giant plug who had been spike faced by Steve, who was running like a commercial. "I'm sorry" He cried Steve in a snuffel. Steve turned around to see the plug looking at the dog with despise. The dog was multiplying in shock and pear was outcroping the event.

    "Noo, firing squid the dog is semitrailer to your heckle guns" Cried Steve who had a athiest stuck in his throat. The Athiest flew out of Steves throat giving a lecture about gymnasiums and about the leader gympsy who used to like discord and unpicks.

    The ancient Nulla Nulla ran over the toothpicks in order to zip Steve back to Drip Dry Schism. In Drip Dry Schism, Wide Semen ruled over all the Kingdom of Booty. The evil villian No, tried to rule over the Kingdom with hackles and powerful sedge.

    Mr Cororery helped Steve to entwine No in a powerful exterior expulsion which killed Mr Cororey and No. After the wild battle, Kingdom Booty cheered with Madonna and gave Steve many gifts of hand. Steve was very happy and joined the tribe of Where Where.

    Madonna caught millstone giving her a bad florescent scab and Steve had to find ruff gyroscope to save her. Steve looked for many days and couldn't find the gyroscope that could save her. Madonna's skin grew periwinkle and started to smell like locket. After a few days more she started to cough up gears. 5 months later Madonna turned into a lank and married Steve and had 63 kids naming half of them rip and the other half lure. They lived happily ever after in a exhaust.

    The End