• Dark Angel
    As i steped through the door of the church i hear the low voice of the perist hum a song that hasent been heared in years, For it was band along with the vampires.
    "Dear preist of siebor pleas tell me why you hum a forbidden song."I slied into one of the benches as he truned to speak.
    "Dear child I do not believe in that, I do not believe in songs being lost as all the rest."
    "For what ever do you mean? Dose the goddess know that you do this?"
    he walked over to the alter and slowly knelled down. Then, he bowed his head a little, and lit a red candle.
    "We all have our own secrets, I think the goddess will understand." I walked over to the perist and knelt down beside him.
    "well do you think you could hlep me."
    "With what my child?"
    "To find my dather."