• One day, as I was walking home all alone ,I kept thinking about how it would feel like to have a friend and to talk and not be shy.Well because I'm shy i never talk here even in front of my teacher,I had no friends because I was shy as a creature not wanting to be hurt.I went inside my house and my mom told me she had good and bad news for me.The good news is we were moving with my aunt at California and the bad news is that i have to go transfer schools and try to make friends for once.I was scared and alittle happy!

    Two months ago, we moved out at my aunts house.My dad was at a bussiness trip were we used to live Hawaii.It was one week before school starts.My mom and i went shopping for my school clothes , supplies,and other things.

    It was the first day of school I was nervous. But at least I made it through the day without talking.So as I was walking to home their was a girl name Katie from my class....... And she catched up to me.She said hi ,and I said hi back. She was shocked because I didn't talk at all .Then she said you wanna be my friend.

    So on, I'd finally talked but only to her not to anyone else but my mom and her. Then,one day she got sick really bad .She said she just ha a flu but it turned in neumonia. She was taken in the emergency room because she couldn't breath . I was scared because she promised she would never leave me and if she did we would promised to say good bye to each other.And
    then I went to visit her mom and her mom told me she would have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks. I asked her if i could visit her every afternoon after school.

    One day, I was going to visit her I had a huge feeling something was going to happen. Then, I saw that there were doctors by her door.I ran to the doors crying but the doctors wouldn't let me in . She had stopped breathing i tried to get throught the doors and I manage to get through. But I was too late she left. I screamed and held to her hands as tight as i could. I asked my self why did she leave me so soon.

    After the day she died, I went to school all alone.And so on i never talked again ever in my life.So i never made friends again. sad