• it start out as this , hey sarah what up . nothing much .ok see u at lunch right? yah. but are u her friends .whos? tien. oh no. ok sarah bye see ya .k.then i saw her playing with tien ,so i came up to her and ask though you wasnt her friend.humm. well are you sarah? i dont have to answer .yes u do .well so what im her friend so what . there it is the phrase . im mad .why it my life i can be frineds with her.i know that and im not mad because of that im mad cause you out of all people lie to me about this sarah . with all thing we been through and u still lie to me sarah if ur that kind of person please dont ever talk to me intill u have chang from this lie ,stuck up u have become since play with her .list of lies
    1.tell me that she is not friends with a person then hang out with them
    2.telling me that she cant sit with me cause her sister wants her (wrong her firends wanted her)
    3.i dont have number three yet but seeing all this lie trust me there willl be more
    the story was about the lie numbe 1