• Treson:"Would you guys know were we could find Cold fear and Dragon?"

    Andre' and Jordan looked at each other then looked back at Treson and Razor.

    Andre':"Who's asking"

    Razor:"How rude of us..My name is Razor and this is my older brother Treson"

    Treson:"Now I'm going to ask you again were could we find Cold fear and Dragon?"

    Andre':"Well from what you can see they not standing round here"

    Treson:"You better watch your mouth boy"

    Andre':"Well maybe if you stop asking dumb question you would'nt have to worry about my mouth now would you"

    Treson became angry he was about to grab his sword til Razor stopped him.

    Treson:"You have a smart mouth for a human who doesn't know us"

    Andre':"Yea and whats your point"

    Razor:"Come treson lets go we're not here to kill humans yet"

    Razor and Treson walk off into the hallway to ask other people if they knew were they could find Dragon and Cold Fear. Jordan looked at Andre'

    Jordan:"Andre' what the hell was your problem you know they could of killed us"

    Andre':"No they couldn't of"



    Before Treson and Razor reached the end of the hallway something started to happen to Jordan and Andre' I bright light surrounded them. when the light cleared they were no longer Jordan and Andre' but Cold fear and Dragon. Razor turned around he saw two strange figures standing there.

    Razor:"Hey brother wasn't there only to humans standing there before"

    Treson turns around

    Treson:"Hm yea you're rite"

    Razor:"They must be Dragon and Cold fear"

    Treson and Razor started to walk back to were Dragon and Cold fear are standing to see if its them.

    Dragon:"Of all the times we gotta change now"

    Cold fear:"Yea good job now they really want to kill us"

    Dragon:"Ha we'll see about that one"

    Treson and Razor stopped rite in front of them. Treson had a big smirk on his face.

    Treson:"so we finally meet Cold fear"

    Cold fear:"How did you know my name"

    Treson:"Ive been waiting for this moment"

    Cold fear scratches his head

    Treson:"Well....to kill you"

    Cold fear looked at him and smiled.

    Cold fear:"Well I'm not dying anytime soon"

    Treson:"Yea we will see about that"

    Treson went into his fighting stance Cold fear prepared his self for anything.

    Cold fear:"So we just going to stand here or fight"

    Treson laughed then he went in for an attack they began fighting. Razor and Dragon were still at a stand still.

    Razor:"Ima guess you're the boy that had the smart mouth earlier"

    Dragon:"N I see you still ask stupid questions"

    with out even saying anymore words Razor hit Dragon so hard that he went flying into a wall

    Razor:"I'm going to beat some respect into you"

    Dragon:"Ha lets see you try"

    Dragon pounced off the wall he began fighting with Razor. Cold Fear and Dragon were out classed they couldn't really do much. They were both knocked into the lunch room laying badly beaten on the ground. Razor and Treson walk up to them.

    Treson:"You guys are pathetic n weak"

    Razor:"I really thought this would be worth my time"

    Treson:"brother lets end this"

    Razor nodded. they went for the finally blow until a bolt of lighting came crashing at there fight.

    Treson:"Looks like there here"

    Razor:"there's two of them but I only since one"

    Treson:"The other one is in hiding he wont step in this time"

    A voice came from the open roof above.

    Voice:"Leave them alone NOW!!"

    Treson:"Why don't you show yourself"

    As they watch the open roof they saw a boy come floating down. He landed near Dragon and Cold fear.

    Razor:" Who are you"

    The boy:"My name is thunder"

    Treson:"Thunder huh you don't seem to strong"

    Thunder:"Don't underestimate me"


    Razor"I think this is were we leave brother"

    Treson:"Yea you rite....Fear today's your lucky day I will be back for you"

    Treson and Razor left Dragon and Cold fear stood to there feet.

    Cold fear:"We'll that didn't go to well"

    Dragon:"Yea we'll get em next time"

    Cold fear looked at Thunder.

    Cold fear:"Thanks we owe you one"

    Dragon:"Yea big time"

    Thunder:"Don't worry about it, it was apart of my mission"

    Cold fear:"You know your voice sounds familiar"

    Dragon:"Yea you sound like somebody we know"

    Thunder:"Me no that couldn't be"

    Cold fear:"[gasp] ATON!!!"

    Thunder stood there in shock.

    Dragon:"Is it really you aton?"

    Thunder:"[sighs] yea its me"

    Cold fear:"Man its great to see you again, how you been"

    Thunder:"I've been good but we'll do catch up later there's somethings you guys need to know that's why I'm here"

    Dragon:"Like what?"

    Cold fear:"Yea what you got to tell us"

    Thunder:"Those two guys you just fought were dark lords in the 1600s...they were sealed away but somebody has broken the seals and for whatever reason there after you guys I don't understand it but, things are going to start getting worst pretty soon. this is the beginning of the war soon people will start going missing. I guess I was sent here to tell you that only you two can stop them.. you guys are going to need some serious training before then maybe a months worth of training. Do not take these powers as jokes this is real no strings attached be prepared for anything that comes you way you got that"

    They both nodded in agreement to what Thunder was saying

    Cold fear:"So what happens now?"

    Dragon:"We train"


    Dragon:"How long will it take us"

    Thunder:"It should only take you guys a month"

    Cold fear:"What?!?! what do you mean a month its gonna take us years before were as good as them"

    Dragon:"Yea, Fear has a good point there Thunder"

    Thunder:"You guys have already had years worth of training"

    Cold fear:"What do you mean years worth we just got these powers?"

    Thunder:"Have you ever wondered why you guys were different from other kids why you guys have always been so strong...n when you have dreams you guys are always in a battle or your in some type of weird dimension training with somebody or fighting them til death"


    Thunder:"That was your training"

    Dragon:"So you mean to tell me that those dreams was us training"


    Cold fear:"That don't make any sense at all"

    Thunder:"Yea, I know but you guys were trained by Dragons Grandfather"

    Cold fear:"Hmmm....that could explain how he knew were to find us huh"

    Thunder:"Yes, he's been watching you guys for many years mainly Dragon. But he's kept his eye on you guys since you were born"

    Dragon:"Wow, so how do we get this years worth of training to come out"

    Thunder:"There will be another guy coming here his name is fierce he will take you back to dragoon and he will unlock it for you"

    Cold fear:"So were are you going"

    Thunder:"I have another mission I must do for my master"

    Cold fear:"Well whens the next time we meet again"

    Thunder:"Probably never....I'm just kidding pretty soon but til then good luck"

    Cold fear:"Yea thanks"


    Thunder:"Well Ill be going now see ya"


    Thunder left the school, Dragon and Cold fear stood there alone again lost.

    Cold fear:"This should be fun huh"

    Dragon:"Yea I guess"

    Cold fear:"Yea, its just how do we know for sure we can beat them"

    Dragon:"Well we gotta do are best and train are hardest for a month we will beat them n stop them from taking over this world"

    Cold fear:"Yea that's right me and you together as a team nobody can stop us"

    They both nodded at each other and laughed. they talked as if there was nothing going on. Joking and laughing til they heard another laugh.

    Dragon:"You hear that"

    Cold fear:"Yea I did, Hey who's there"

    They both stood there guard standing back to back to each other. They started to hear footsteps moving toward them then they heard a voice coming from the doorway.

    Voice:"What the hell are you guys doing......"

    TO BE CONTINUED.......