• I was in the forest, taking a step by step. Avoiding them. The horrible creatures ready to attack. Me and my pack were silent. Trying to avoid the pain and misery our friends have suffered. We want to survive.
    We are too close to the city. We shouldn't be. We should be on the other side. It's where they aren't worried. For our fur is visible through the forest.
    I carry out step by step route. Until we hear footsteps. From an animal. Not a wolf. Not from the forest. A human.
    He is there. Dark hair. Rifle in his hands. He shouts to worn others. My brother attacks. Bang. He is on the floor. I sturggle. I want to escape. I can't. Andreneline. Someone save us. A saint. A hero. Anyone. I whine. Ten more humans come. Rifles are in their hands. I try to turn round. I am too frightened. Seconds pass as hours. I turn. I run for my life. I'm almost their. Out of sight. Almost. I can smell freedom. I hear yelling. I close my eyes to sniff it in. I loose feeling in my leg. I fall. I loose every feeling. My freedom. Gone. Why did this happen? I just wanted freedom. The thought. No one cares for us. There isn't no hope. I am thought as an evil wolf.....I was. I never will.