• i woke up on a Hot summer day, i got dressed and showered. i got on my laptop and look at my email and stuff sooon my mom said "Honey me and your sister and borther are going to leave." "where to?" i asked "Costco, and driving them to their friends house." i nodded. they left, i watched tv. "boy its getting hot in here" i thought i turned on my air conditioner in my window on,then i went to watch t.v again (btw i live in an apartment, the 4th floor ) then i hear a tapping noise on my air conditioner window...i got scared then i looked... then i saw a boy about my age but like a year older 17 i was guessing then i screamed gonk "dont scream that hurts my ears! and let me in from the front." i was stunned to say a word i nodded and i saw him jump to the other air conditioner (other building next to us) then slid down a pole before i knew it there was a Ding dong

    To be Continued